Voices have power. Each voice represents experiences, ideas, and the power to teach. For far too long, we have not created the space for Black, Brown and People of Color to use their voice. They’ve always been speaking, but most of us have not been listening.

Gianna, George Floyd’s 6 year old daughter, said “My Daddy changed the world.” She’s right. George’s undeniably brutal murder sparked a change on how America, and the world is listening to Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). In the past week, people are listening to friends, neighbors, and colleagues from the BIPOC community. But listening isn’t enough. We must do more to create the space and amplify their stories, experiences, and perspectives.

At the heart of every event and conference are 3 main goals: listen, learn, and implement new-found knowledge. But how can we truly drive change if we aren’t listening to those who have lived very different experiences? The event space is largely represented by white men. In fact, one study found that 69% of conference panels are made up of men, and there’s little public-facing data on how racially diverse most events are.

At Emamo, we’re firm believers in Black Lives Matter. To us this means donating to multiple organizations supporting this cause, but we want to do more. Our promise is to amplify voices from the BIPOC community by sharing talks, events, and classes from BIPOC authors, speakers, and teachers.

On that note, here are a few upcoming events we'd like to highlight:

Claiming Your Seat at the Table

Friday June 19 at 12-1PM EST: Kimberly Peeler-Allen has helped elect 10 Black women to Congress, 1 Black woman to the US Senate and a growing number of Black women to statewide and large-city executive offices. She's the Co-founder of Higher Heights and the Visiting Practitioner Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University.

Kimberly will sit down with Erin Loos Cutraro, CEO of She Should Run, to talk about the power of Black Women's voices when it comes to changing policies in America.

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/109002970820

Her for Her: Womxn For Anti-Racism

Friday June 19th 8-10:30PM EST: A panel of 5 women, all coaches and leaders, will talk about their experiences and how we can all be better allies to our BIPOC community.

Speakers: Carla Beharry, Selam Debs, Taylor Lindsay-Noel, Chanelle Lobo, and Breanne Charter.

Suggested $20 per ticket. All ticket sales will be donated. 50% to the Black Lives Matter WR-Community Solidarity Fund and 50% to Black Women in Motion.

Register Here: https://www.herforherclub.com/events/her-for-her