Amar Ghose is founder and CEO of ZenMaid, a software platform for maid businesses. He runs an annual event for his customers called Maid Summit. We chatted with Amar about how he launched a successful summit from his 2,500 person email list.

"We try to involve our community every step of the way so that people are really excited about it. We’ve actually found that it works a lot better to build in public than to be hush-hush about the event until you’re actually ready to go."

We go in-depth about how the community he built drives success for Maid Summit, experimenting with speaker formats to find the best fit for your audience, and how Maid Summit makes money from a totally free event.

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Want to learn more about Amar? Check him out on Twitter. Maid Summit is a totally free event happening next month, July 27th - 31st. Reserve your spot here.

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