There are a few reasons to throw a free event: to grow your email list, broaden your audience and make them aware of the product you're selling, and stretching the talks into a year long content plan.

But did you know there is a way to still make money from your free event? In episode 16 of The Emamo Show, Amar Ghose shared with us how MaidSummit does just that.

For Free a Limited Time

Every single talk from the last 2 years of MaidSummit is available YouTube to watch, totally free, but MaidSummit still make money from views. So, how's that possible?

If you're registered for MaidSummit, you can attend and watch all the talks for free. MaidSummit immediately uploads all of the talks to Youtube and they are available to watch for 2 days after the event is over.

"And then after that, it closes. If they want to watch all of the videos, they can pay $97 and get access to all of the videos instantly, or we release the videos one week at a time over the following year on our YouTube channel."

"We tell them up front like, “Hey, if you want to wait for this, you can!” But if they have one specific talk where like, 'Oh, Ray Malaski gave a great talk on ad words that all my friends have been talking about.' They can either pay $97 and get that and every other replay, or they might have to wait six months for us to actually get that talk out.

Turn Talks into Content

MaidSummit takes each talk and turns it into year long content that in-turn brings more awareness and attendees year after year.

"We take each video a turn it into a written article. It's not a transcript that’s been cleaned up, our writer will pull out different points and write a completely unique article that’s just based around some expertise that came from the video."

"Even if it wasn’t a successful event, we would continue doing this every year because it’s essentially our content strategy for the following year."

Pro tip: How to turn 1 conference talk into 15 pieces of content:

  1. Full video posted on Youtube
  2. Audio published as a podcast
  3. 15-60 second video clip posted on Facebook
  4. 15-60 second video clip posted on Twitter
  5. 15-60 second video clip posted on LinkedIn
  6. 15-60 second video clip posted on Instagram
  7. Blog post written about the video posted on your website
  8. Link written blog post on Facebook
  9. Link written blog post on Twitter
  10. Link written blog post on LinkedIn
  11. Create a post, carousel, or story about new blog post on Instagram
  12. Pulled quote from the speaker and post on Facebook with link to talk or blog
  13. Pulled quote from the speaker and post on Twitter with link to talk or blog
  14. Pulled quote from the speaker and post on LinkedIn with link to talk or blog
  15. Pulled quote from the speaker and post on Instagram

These are just a few ideas. Gary Vee breaks down how you can create 64 pieces of content every single day.

Amar adds, "I don’t want this to sound too overwhelming. Just remember this is our third year doing it. All of this is a lot to take in if you’re thinking about organizing your first event, so do it in manageable chunks, but just realize that even after the fact, you may find a lot of tangential benefits that you just weren’t aware of."


Sponsors are also worth thinking about. Amar adds that having high-paying sponsors can add complexity and stress to your event.

"If they’re not a sponsor that actually serves the maid industry specifically, then we’re not allowing them to sponsor this year."

Your sponsors should align with your target audience's key interests and career goals. They're also a reflection of you as an event and should add value for your audience.

"We want them to sponsor us, even if it’s a free sponsorship, but for them to go out and to promote it to their audience, and so we get more reach and then monetize on the backend."

Want to learn more about Amar? Check him out on Twitter. Maid Summit is a totally free event happening this month, July 27th - 31st. Reserve your spot here.

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