Now, we're not saying to call every attendee from your event. But it really surprised us to hear an event like The Next Web, with 20,000+ attendees, actually schedules calls with a handful of their attendees.

This week on The Emamo Show we chat with Iva Donova, a customer success turned event manager at The Next Web, who sees the power in talking on the phone with attendees.

Iva Donova: After every event we send out a simple survey with a couple questions. In most cases we have a great response rate, NPS score, which is great.

Apart from the post-event surveys, I reached out to a couple of our attendees and scheduled calls with them to get more in-depth feedback. People are happy to give their feedback no matter if they had a bad or a good time. They know that they'll help if they share their feedback.

With surveys you can get good insights, but if you want to have more in-depth conversation, then you really need to start talking to people.

Michelle Lee: And digging into more than just their one-sentence reply, or five stars out of five stars.  

ID: Yeah! And we found some really valuable insights out which made us change certain things in our strategy, or things we were doing at the event. So, it's very important talking to your attendees.

The Next Web conference is a 2-day event discussing the future of tech. The next conference is June 18 & 19, 2020 in Amsterdam. Stay in the loop by following them on Twitter & Instagram.