Create & Cultivate's event marketing has always been topnotch. And their new pivot to digital events is no exception.  As most events transition to virtual, event planners must figure out how to make their event's experience special.

Make it Memorable

Their next event is called Digital Summer Camp. Just the idea of summer camp invokes some good, nostalgic feelings, right? They go all in on the theme and even set up their schedule to mimic camp life. Morning is a welcome from your camp counselor followed by craft workshops in the afternoon, and a campfire dance party at night.

Set the Stage

Create & Cultivate has a large audience. They typically run events around entrepreneurship, social media, and wellness. They even sell annual, all-access passes. Their audience already knows what to expect, but they make new attendees welcome from the very beginning.

Support Your Speakers

Give your speakers something they truly want to share on their platforms. These speaker images are bright and fun.

Don't Be Afraid to Have Fun

They even created a camp playlist on Spotify. While creating a playlist probably won't help you sell more tickets, it gives those who are attending something to enjoy and builds up the experience.

Brainstorm wild and wonderful ways to connect your event together like Jaclyn and the rest of the C&C team. Get creative to ensure nobody thinks of your event as a dusty seminar. Their Summer Camp is June 6th. Digital tickets available for $29.99.