Have you ever thought about molding your event around the venue? Versus the other way around? That's what HalfStack likes to do. With 7 conferences in 7 cities around the world, their venues are changing constantly.

They use the change as an opportunity to reinvent each conference. Instead of making the venue fit their event, they make their event fit the venue. Over the years, Dylan Schiemann, founder of HalkStack conferences, has learned to utilize each new venue to make experiences more unforgettable and unique than the last.

Dylan Schiemann: We’re doing something really fun for HalfStack Phoenix. It’s in the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, which is a movie theater with really good food and drinks. They’re letting us pretty much take over the theater in fun ways, so we're replacing the 'Now Showing' movies with our own posters.

Taylor McKnight: Amazing!

Dylan Schiemann: We’re showing Hackers as part of our after party so we’ve taken our speakers and photoshopped them into the Hackers movie poster, even replacing all the small credits with the names of the speakers + sponsors.

We’re always looking for something that’s a little bit creative, where people walk in and they’re like, “Whoa, this is different.”

There’ll be commemorative posters for the speakers to take home and postcards of those posters so the attendees can take them home. In addition to normal, fun swag, but just like something different based on the venue we’re in.

Taylor McKnight: I love that you’re not just duplicating the same thing 10 times. Like you said, authenticity is really one of the core values and making sure it fits with that community - even if it means more work for you.

Dylan Schiemann: Absolutely!

HalfStack are UI-centric, one-day single track JavaScript events hosted in relaxed environments. Learn more about HalfStack Conference on Twitter & Facebook.

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