Sometimes the right advice comes from the most unlikely of people. You've read articles, watched talks, but sometimes the advice you need to hear comes from a stranger you just met at a conference. That's the magic of events.

After a long day at MicroConf, sit down at any dinner table and you'll hear attendees asking about each other's businesses. MicroConf aims to bring high-quality, like minded business owners together so they can do just that: learn from each other.

This week we explore why Xander and the MicroConf team put just as much effort into keeping the quality of attendees just as high as their speakers.

The following has been edited for length and clarity. Excerpt begins at 1:50, and continues at 5:50 and 10:21.

Xander Castro: The top piece of feedback we receive is that the networking and social opportunities, which we've called our hallway track [in the conference Slack channel], is one of the most valuable opportunities that our attendees get during the events. And really, that is about finding mutual people in the same frame of mind working on similar problems, projects, tasks, and being able to create solutions collaboratively.

We'll constantly see people leave the event and say that within one week, a piece of advice or recommendation has turned into an upswing in business productivity or sales. It's actionable.

It's things that you can do within a couple of days of leaving the conference and you will see some results on the backside of how it relates to your business operations and sales.

MicroConf Dubrovnik, Croatia 2019

Taylor McKnight:  It's kind of funny, I spent all my time building and selling software, but finding other software and online business creators has been challenging. It's amazing that you guys bring everybody together to share that kind of real world impactful advice.

XC: Some of the people that are attending have been there 15, 16 times. So, it's really interesting to see what that progression looks like and what connections they can individually point to say,

"Hey, this is something that really gave me the gumption to make a move with this business that I didn't necessarily know I had. Or an option that I didn't know existed. But because of a connection I made at MicroConf, I was able to make this change and, and it really has made an impact in the business."

I think that one of the things that our attendees are really seeking out the most with our events, is that network and the opportunity to connect with other attendees. The quality of our attendees is so high, that being in a room with like minds and just deciding to do that for five days as opposed to three days is, is a really interesting decision. It's interesting to see that some folks do believe the value of attending the conference does transcend just the education that we're providing.

So, Do Attendees Take Advice To Heart?

We caught up with Mitch Colleran, Founder of Join It, after his first MicroConf Europe. He said, “One of the things I loved about MicroConf was that the advice always skewed towards being actionable, rather than only philosophical. We had a discussion on how most founders give really ineffective Product Demos that really resonated with me. I implemented the advice as soon as I got home!”

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