Alla is a virtual events consultant specializing in helping you adapt from in-person events to virtual. From the Olympic Games to virtual summits series with over 20,000+ attendees in 2020, Alla can help you plan, market, and choose the right event software & A/V solutions that'll work best for your event.

What do you typically help events with?

I add value to business owners who are planning to expand and grow using event marketing and don’t know where to start. Together we create a playbook or strategy from A to Z, define the goals, and look up for the best event solution that will help to achieve those goals.

I help to create a go-to-market strategy, promotional plan, build communication with the customer, onboarding guides for the speakers, create sponsorship proposals, find the right fit for the agenda, and event flow based on the audience.

As a project manager with 10 years experience, I help large agencies bridge the gap between them and their clients - finding and negotiating the right vendor, emcee, new ways to entertain the audience, onboard speakers, provide with best video production, and more.

Alla is also a journalist and producer.

What's a recent event you've worked on?

Designers On Social Summit, 1.5K registrants, 200 live viewers at the peak time, ~50 at paid workshops.

I as involved as a consultant to provide insights on sponsorship deals, marketing strategy, speakers communication and partnerships, tech stack selection.

Product Growth Summit, 8K registrants, 1K live viewers at the peak time.

I managed all phases of planning and executing of the summit, project management of all groups involved in the event planning process - marketing, creative, communications, social media, development, sales, and growth.

I established media partnerships that helped increase ticket sales by 30%. Onboarded over 50 speakers for live and pre-recorded sessions, built/maintained website and event platform, together with the team created adjusted to virtual environment sponsorship deck, was a go-to person for all attendee FAQs.

Sochi Olympic Games

A few of my career highlights include working on the Olympic Games (Vancouver, London and Sochi) and Nike Women’s Training Marathon (over 10K participants, 200+ media).


“Running a virtual event is hard. Finding someone who you can tell you how to run it effectively is even harder. Alla Skvortsova is my closely guarded secret and an effective consultant for any growing organization. She was instrumental in consulting for every milestone of my event including onboarding speakers, negotiating sponsorships, implementing a tech stack for running the event, developing a marketing strategy, and working with me to innovate on best practices for attendee and speaker satisfaction. Aside from her hard skills in consulting for virtual events, I want to emphasize her genuine intentions to help me succeed. When you work with Alla, you immediately know that she's a team player for the long haul.”
“... We successfully launched, within 2 weeks after our 90-day consult, our first event for a national client’s event, leveraging Alla’s expertise, tools, timelines & planning to, to successfully manage the platform and production from pre, during & post-show.  Since then we have launched several other large-scale events.”

Share one tip for running a successful event.

My tip for every event organizer trying to pick event software is: define THREE main goals and go after them in that software. When you get all three covered, the rest can be adjusted and reconsidered.

Anything else we should know?

Do not try to treat virtual events as in-person ones, they are completely different. Treat it as a new experience i.e. “We decided to do it virtually not because of COVID but because it’s new and fun too!”. Hire people with event backgrounds and don’t be afraid to educate yourself and others using best practices.

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