Alyssa is an experienced video producer and owner of A.M. Productions, which produces virtual corporate events.

What do you typically help events with?

I am an executive producer for live events-oversee all creative and technical production services for the event. I produce video, graphics, and creative content.

I am also a producer for virtual events and can oversee all video production, graphics, presenter coaching, content creation and scripting, stage management and show calling

Tell me about a recent event you've worked on.

I recently partnered with a client on their 2020 Virtual Premieres event for over 5000 dealers nationwide. I was responsible for video production, graphics content, creative concepts and scripting, presenter coaching, stage management, and show calling. It was a two and a half day event and was very successful.

List 3 recent other favorite/recent events you've worked.

ILTACON, Hunter Douglas National Sales meeting 2019 & 2020.

Achievements and Testimonials

"Alyssa is an extremely talented and focused Producer and Event Planner. Her work can only be described as world class. As a supplier I never have to worry about the unexpected and can rely on detailed and organized information from Alyssa. This makes my job very easy and as a result we have achieved many successful events together. She is a true collaborator and can always find a way to meet budgets and still get great production value and focused message delivery out of her productions. I would recommend Alyssa to anyone who wants a talented show producer who "gets it" and get's it done."
- M. Acie VanCleave, Multimedia Audio Visual

Share one tip you have for running a successful event.

Attention to details is key!

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You can find more about Alyssa on her website or LinkedIn.