Brandon is owner of BW Events, which consults agencies, event planners and program managers on their event technology needs.

What do you typically help events with?

For more than a decade BW Events has consulted agencies, event planners and program managers on their event technology needs. Whether you are planning a virtual or in-person event, our professionals will carefully assess your needs, offer recommended solutions and cover any or all of the following services:  architect, project management, design, configure, Q&A, integrate, deploy, support, and analyze

What's a recent event you've worked on?

We helped manage and develop the Google Cloud Next event for over 170k virtual attendees.

What are 3 favorite events you've worked on?

Cisco Webexone

Google Cloud Next - A 9 week virtual experience that included features like: interactive demos, breakouts, expert 1:1 meetings, playlist creation and shareable playlists, learning and development content and more!

Intuit Quick Books Connect - QuickBooks Connect hosted 55,000 accountants at their North America conference. This included features like: Photobooth, networking, dynamic breakouts, live streaming, classic gaming, and more!

  • PhotoBooth and Meme Generator - Our team can develop new features from scratch. Give attendees the opportunity to take a fun picture to add to the meme directory. Look up other attendees to see their personalized meme/message. These memes can be downloaded as Zoom backgrounds for future use.
  • Classic Games - Between breakout sessions, allow attendees to compete in some classic old-school games like Snake, Tetris or Space Invaders. Drive more traffic to sponsor virtual booths by hosting a game competition. These games can also be branded with sponsor logo.
  • Live Stream Interaction - Increase engagement during live stream by allowing attendees to respond in real-time by clicking the various emoji reactions

Share one tip you have for running a successful event.

Always plan for redundancies, load testing and Q&A are critical to any virtual event.

Achievements and Testimonials

"From the pre-conference website, app, and your onsite heroism to ensure the arrival experience was the seamless experience we knew it could be... you were a solution finder and our personal hero."
-Hilton Hotels

Anything else we should know?

My team has deployed over 100 events in the last few months ranging from a couple dozen to 170,000 attendees. We have the ability to create and deploy a virtual or live event from end-to-end: this includes and is not limited to: production, configuration, custom dev, design and more. Our team has both front and backend developers that can bridge the gap in any functionality challenge available.

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