Deanna is an event industry strategist who specializes in speaker training and panel moderation. She's an expert in attendee engagement by coordinating the perfect speaker line-up, content, or even hopping onstage herself.

What do you typically help events with?

Speaker training & moderating panels.

Smithers APEX's WEAR 2016 Conference,Boston, MA. We had an offsite reception for Women in Wearable Technology at FROST - an ice bar!

What's a recent event you've worked on?

I helped coordinate a virtual visit with Santa. Before the event we gave the kids a form to create their list for Santa, and they received a customized letter back from Santa as well as a Good List certificate.

In addition we sent the kids an easy, no-mess craft in advance. On the day of, Santa used their individual lists when talking with each family, which involved spotlighting each family's screen as he moved down the list.

What are a few favorite events you've worked on?

Secret/sauce: Behind The Scenes: The Life of Event Leaders, July 2020: With this free virtual event, our goal is to improve the well-being of all events, hospitality and field marketing professionals out there who are doing one of the most stressful job in the world.

Foundation Software's 2018 User Conference

Foundation Software's 2018 User Conference, Cleveland, OH with over 350 attendees.

Share one tip for a successful event.

For anyone that can't afford a green screen, purchase a green plastic tablecloth from the dollar store - it works just as well!

Testimonial and Accomplishments

Deanna can be trusted to get the job done independently yet works effectively with a team. She is incredibly mature, competent, hardworking, sincere, and frequently provides beneficial feedback which helped to improve the operational efficiency of our organization. I highly recommend Deanna as a valued colleague, partner and leader without hesitation.
-Alyssa Perna, Principal, Experience Events

Deanna received her Certified Meeting Professional designation from the Events Industry Council in 2017 and Digital Event Strategist from PCMA in 2020.

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