Heidi is Creative Director and owner of Innovative Party Planners, a full-service event planning firm with experience in virtual events.

What do you typically help events with?

Our team assists clients in defining the goals and objectives of their event in order to keep this in the forefront as we plan and execute their virtual events. We assist our clients with determining the overall budget, best date, length, and time of day for their events and put together their event team.

We create the event timeline which eventually becomes the Run of Show which outlines each virtual event team members' responsibilities. We guide our clients to select the appropriate event platform, assist with sponsorships and marketing, offer opportunities for pre-event through post event engagement.

We put together a full backchannel to support chat, Q&A, polling, social media engagement while we support the host, speakers, and participants. We are the bridge between the client and the production team to assure the goals and objectives are met.

Tell me about a recent event you've worked on.

I recently worked at the Bolton Street Synagogue High Holiday Services and I was responsible for the following:

  1. Review pre-recorded content, slides.
  2. Prepare instruction emails for online participants and attendees.
  3. Prepare 3 main clergy and over 50 live presenters, review devices, webcams, microphones, lighting and suggest upgrades  .
  4. Prepare a 'live document Run of Show for entire team to access and follow for tech rehearsal and on all 6 event days.
  5. Tech rehearsal to review run of show with all 50 live presenters, review platform, review tech, to iron out all concerns.
  6. Responsible for all slide screen sharing and streaming of pre-recorded videos and spotlighting participants.
  7. Final day of check in and cue all live 50 presenters.
  8. Stay on top of timeline and communicate concerns through backchannel.
  9. Oversee and troubleshoot any presenters or attendee technical issues.
  10. Provide smooth transitions between pre-recorded content and live content and presentations.
  11. Monitor chat and attendees' needs, assist with muting and unmuting guests.
  12. Provide smooth transition between Zoom and networking platform, Wonder.

What are a few favorite events you've worked on recently?

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Distinguished Women Awards, Hayes Software Solutions Virtual Conference, NACA Virtual Conference, and The Age of Conversation Summit.

Behinds the scenes of The Age of Conversation Summit 2020.

Achievements and Testimonials

Heidi Hiller was awarded a certificate in Virtual Event and Meeting Management by Event Leadership Institute. Heidi and her team have won a few awards including BizBash 2019's "Top 1000 People in the U.S. Event Industry" and Lasso 2019's "Top 50 Women in Events".

"I just want to tell you how thrilled I was with how all the services went.  I missed being at the synagogue and in person with friends and others terribly.  But these services were the next best thing and, at times, were even more meaningful than being at BSS.  I know that it was enormous amount of work for the rabbi and you and Heidi but it came off without a hitch, which is pretty amazing given how varied each service was, with a mixture of live and pre-recorded pieces and moving to different people.  I was enormously impressed and felt that at a time when I needed to have a good High Holiday season, I was able to.  And I have only heard praise about the services - we had a Board meeting last week after Rosh Hashanah and everyone had good things to say.  I was able to chat briefly with Heidi during one of the last breaks on Monday and thanked her “in person.”  It was well beyond my expectations so thank you!"
- Guest at Bolton Street Synagogue

Anything else we should know?

While we can't celebrate together physically, we can be together emotionally.

Check out Heidi's podcasts

I have been a guest on several podcasts and webinars recently discussing virtual social events including EventPors.com, All Seated, Visual WOW, and featured in Maryland Public Television's #beinspired campaign.  

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