You might know Jane as the face of NBC New York, moderating and emceeing thousands of live and virtual events over the years. She teaches others how to best host and moderate events.

Jane is an Emmy award winning television journalist and coach who has spent over 30 years helping people learn to communicate better. Jane focuses on three core elements: what you say, how you say it, and how your body language keeps it all in sync.

What do you typically help events with?

There are three aspects of how I help people with events:  

1. Training: Before the event I train speakers, panel moderators, hosts and others involved in an event. I've been a presentation training coach for years at live events and now do the same for virtual events.  It is important that ANYONE who will be presenting be on their game with finely tuned messages and clear impactful delivery. That is what I help them do.

2. Content: As a host and presenter, I help create content for the events. Whether it's writing or envisioning how the event will transpire, I help find ways to make it as interactive as possible.

3. Hosting: As a host, moderator, or panel member I deliver messages and content with ease and comfort that will always resonate with my audience.

Virtual Event Columbia

What's are a few recent events you've worked on?

I recently hosted a webinar for a Womens group in NJA, emcee'd a virtual gala for Operation Warrior Shield, as well as emcee'd a virtual Gala for Marjories Fund which is raises money and provides services for people who suffer from type one diabetes in Africa.

Webinar Women's Business Inc. NJ

Share one tip you have for running a successful event.

Finding great segues is really important when hosting events — and that means taking a good look at what other presenters will be saying/doing and making sure you can tie them together. Like putting a bow on it to make it seamless.

I also believe good lighting is the trick — pay attention to how you are lit and what your background shows.

Emceeing Diabetes Association Gala.


"For several years, Jane Hanson has served as Emcee for  Operation Warrior Shieldat our annual NYC fund raising gala and most recently as Host of a virtual gala for the same organization, with multiple presenters, performances, and videos.  Her well honed skills, natural charisma, preparation and professionalism shines through at all times. Jane has also served as moderator and host of diverse panels of celebrities, authors, and medical professionals at an annual NYC Renewal Summit, of which I am co-producer. She is our most popular moderator/host."
-Anne Akers Founder/Editor in Chief, GLOW Beauty, Health & Wellness Magazine
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