Jasmine is an event producer with experience in international virtual events.

What do you typically help events with?

Everything from logistics, support, sponsorship procurement to vendor negotiations. Currently I've been working on video conferencing, securing venues, and vendors for smaller approved in-person events.

Tell me about a recent event you've worked on.

Recently an international conference with Dell, breakout session support via zoom.

What events have you recently worked on?

Furry Scurry is a virtual walk that draws 12,000 people and 5,000 dogs each year, Catwalk beer tasting which raised more than $34,000 to help homeless pets, and Lulu's BBQ.

Share one tip you have for running a successful event.

Be flexible, nothing goes as planned, even if you have everything planned.

Anything else we should know?

I'm also a life coach! I connect very well with people and I'm super personable.

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You can find more about Jasmine on LinkedIn.