Katie is a production assistant with plentiful chat moderation and volunteer experience.

What do you typically help events with?

I oversee meeting and event requests for the event space at the Student Union at University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I make sure to note for our staff what the setup and AV is needed. I have created the majority of our layouts of our various standard setups (pre COVID-19) along with any unusual setups.

This was CrimeCon @ Home's first year going virtual. I was a chat moderator making sure attendees felt comfortable using Hopin for the first time, asking questions, and getting the sessions started.

I've volunteered with the Friends of the Knox County Library annual book sale, Tennessee Theatre, Theatre Knoxville Downtown, Fantasy of Trees, and Second Harvest Concert Series.

CrimeCon @ Home

What are some of your favorite events you've recently attended.

While I did not work on these events, as an attendee these were my takeaways:

Campy Yampire: I was the unofficial camp counselor. As the organizers use zoom and had multiple breakout rooms going for their "sessions" at once. I helped by sharing my screen while the organizers get other rooms going.

Virtual Engaging Meeting Conference: As an attendee my big take aways from this conference were our networking time was 40-45 minutes which allowed us more time to talk to the other attendees than other conferences have allowed. I would also add quality over quantity as we had fewer speakers, but the speakers were able to give us more of their time. Just about every speaker used breakout rooms and some used the annotation on zoom.

Share one tip you have for running a successful event.

As a volunteer, I keep going back to annual events that are well organized in not only the event itself but in communicating with both the staff and volunteers.

This needs to be done in leading up to the event in providing all involved with clear instructions as to date, time, location, dress attire, any items that need to be brought,  parking, contact person and contact number, and checking-in process. Nothing turns me away from an event faster than having to fumble around and figure out where I am supposed to be and who I am supposed to report to.

Make sure  your volunteers actually have work to do. Of course, there are going to be moments where things are slow, but volunteers want to feel like they are contributing and bring value. Too often I have seen where event organizers don't know how many volunteers they have or who their volunteers are and therefore everyone is sitting around with nothing to do.

Event Management School, Katie upper left

Achievements and Testimonials

"Katie was a life saver when I launched my new website in November 2012. I needed video clips for my portfolio page and brought Katie on board to both teach her and utilize her skills. She edited for me after hours while working a regular job and I watched her skills sharpen tremendously over the months she worked on this project. I work with very prestigious clients and set very high standards for the quality of work on my website. Katie was enthusiastic and eager to learn. And I couldn't be happier with the finished product."
- Melissa May, Founder Piercing Blue Productions
Taking a break from learning to how to put up inflatables at Compass Rose Events

Anything else we should know?

I am looking to create a series of virtual events using what I have learned about meetings and events  to create a place for event planners and suppliers to educate, engage, and entertain specifically for the purpose of discussing all issues related to sustainability.

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