Kevin provides laughter as a service! His company, Laugh.Events, allows you to book stand-up comedians to host your virtual event. Kevin does it all, from production to stand-up.

Kevin was part of the founding team at Splash which he now uses to market, manage, and measure Laugh.Events.

What do you typically help events with?

My main job with every event is to make sure all of our attendees come away with a memorable experience, which takes shape in various roles.

Some days I’m a producer, working behind-the-scenes to gather intel about our attendees and working with our comedians to craft a great show. On other days, I take on the host's role, making sure the experience flows together and is as seamless as possible on event day.

I even get on the virtual stage myself and do comedy or allow our stand up comedians to play off me (like Andy Richter to their Conan O’Brien). Whatever is needed to make for a great experience, that’s what I do.

What's a recent event you've worked on?

We did some amazing shows over the holiday season and had the opportunity to work with huge brands like Amazon, Salesforce, Comcast, and many others.

The holiday season was a lot of fun because we were able to participate in people getting into “holiday party mode” where they just want to let their hair down and have fun. We put together a few Variety Hour shows that showcased up to 3 different comics at once throughout the hour and really allowed people to let loose and just laugh their buns off.

My favorite Variety Hour we did had to have included Stand Up by Jessica Kirson, Juggling and Jokes with Marcus Monroe, and Closing the Chapter on 2020 with Khalid Rahmaan.

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What are 3 favorite events you've worked on?

Virtual Wine Tasting with WineKey

Closing the Chapter on 2020

Holiday Gift Exchange


"This is one of the best virtual experiences I've participated in all year! It was fun, interactive and engaging throughout. It was so nice to sit back, unwind and have a solid laugh with the entire company. Just what we all needed to reconnect and destress."
-Laura Craig, Betterment

Share one tip you have for running a successful event.

Find a tool that combines ease of use and beauty - we want our event landing pages to be the first impression we make on our audience.

Anything else we should know?

I believe that remote work will be dictated on how well companies can adopt a virtual culture and make those who do not want to work in the office, feel as included as those who do. As a result, this ultimately falls on the people producing virtual experiences to make them as memorable and enjoyable as possible, and make everyone feel connected and closer to their teammates.

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You can find more about Laugh Events on their website, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Or you can follow Kevin on his Instagram and LinkedIn.