Richard's technological skills shine through at events like ComicCon and TwitchCon. From A/V to business development, Richard knows the ins and outs of producing large-scale events.

What do you typically help events with?

I bring technology expertise, detailed planning, content, and strong people management to every event.

Most recently in my role as Conference Director for USENIX Association I led all facets of producing our portfolio of 12 annual tech conferences plus various tech summits.

Previously in my role as Production Manager for professional A/V firms, I designed and produced 40+ large events annually.

What's a recent event you've worked on?

This past December, with SREcon 20 Americas we successfully transitioned our largest annual conference from in-person to virtual. Presentations, Q&A, panels, sponsor booths, registration, green rooms, tech support and more all went fully virtual. We vastly increased attendance and improved our attendee feedback metrics.

SREcon Asia Pacific in Singapore

What are 3 favorite events you've worked on?

Enigma - As Conference Director I coordinated this leading Security and Privacy tech conference.

Enigma Kickoff

The iconic Comic Con - I was production manager for three of the largest event spaces, a highlight was having Stan Lee on my stage.

TwitchCon - I was overall Production Manager for The Party event at Petco Park baseball stadium where I had Steve Aoki, Darude, and others played to a packed stadium.

Steve Aoki on stage in the stadium at TwitchCon


As part of the numerous events I am involved in annually, I am sometimes approached by clients to become a permanent part of their organizations, which generally I take as indication of customer satisfaction. My most frequent client consistently provided exceptional content, and further differentiated themselves by anchoring that content in a commitment to building and advancing their professional community and thereby society generally. When they offered a position, I had to join them.

Share one tip for your favorite event software.

Stand out in Zoom with a relatively new feature!  By building your slide deck in advance and then using the 'Advanced' feature in 'Share' to choose 'Slides as Virtual Background' you now appear blended into the slide. Change the size and location easily. So much better than the typical Zoom small inset box of your camera video!

Anything else we should know?

I enjoy making music, and have performed as part of several bands. Passion for music led me into a career in events and technology.

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