2021 6th Annual Black Sustainability Summit 2021 6th Annual Black Sustainability Summit
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But We Make it Fertile: Afrikan Ways of Building Healthy Black Soils

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Mason Olonade
Jìgìjìgì: Africulture Podcast

Mason Olonade is a pattern designer. With his podcast Jìgìjìgì: Africulture Podcast he researches, experiments, and compiles information and thought that points towards "Eko Nipa Iroko" , an African Natural Farming practice. With his business The Pattern House of Olonade he distinguishes individuals, families, and organizations through the creation of deeply felt patterns.

Brother Mason of Jìgìjìgì: Africulture Podcast presents on the most natural farming practices are born out of the culture of a given ethnic group. For example, contemporary composting methods are from Britain by way of India. The fermented solutions of Korean Natural Farming were inspired by the garden boosting effects of leftover kimchi juice. 

When we build healthy black soils, what cultural information do we have to guide us? How does this cultural information translate into agricultural technique? Instead of turning compost piles, how can we leverage life to transform our wastes into natural resources? 

Attendees will learn: 

1) Brief histories of well known natural farming practices, 

2) Early formulations of the Tenets of Eko Nipa Iroko, and 

3) How to create more life to create healthy black soil.

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