2021 Student Leadership Symposium: Mobilizing Hope 2021 Student Leadership Symposium: Mobilizing Hope

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Workshop 2: Contemplative practices and the pedagogy of hope (Invite-Only)
Christine Slavik
Christine Slavik
University of the Fraser Valley, Department Head and Professor

Across cultures, world views and across time, human beings have utilized contemplative practices to focus, build, and deepen conscious awareness, and cultivate their potential to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. Contemplative pedagogy infuses teaching & learning with the experience of introspection and reflection that fosters internalization and authentic change.  This critical, first-person wondering, can be transformative in the development of equanimity, empathy, and compassion.  How might the qualities of hope inform new and future possibilities in social and organizational contexts?  This workshop will support and enact personal vocabularies of hope, nourishing positive sentiment and generative action.  Participants will engage in guided mindfulness-based meditation practice to support insight and discovery.