2022 Colorado Music Educators Association Conference 2022 Colorado Music Educators Association Conference

Health & Safety

Attending the CMEA Conference During COVID-19

Updated January 17, 2022


Greetings CMEA Conference Participants,

 In this ever-changing time of COVID the CMEA Executive Committee as made adjustments to protocols for the upcoming conference, January 26th – January 29th.  With the current variant, some communities in Colorado experiencing an outbreak of the flu, and outreach from conference participants you will see changes to some health and safety protocols as we move toward the CMEA Conference.  All new protocols are highlighted in Bold text.  We ask that everyone approach these health challenges and the upcoming Conference with “Patience Grace & Understanding”.  The most important reality is that we have an opportunity to gather safely.  If we are all cautious and follow the protocols below, we will be able to gather safely.

As you are aware the CMEA Board of Directors has determined that all CMEA all spectators, participants, volunteers, and anyone else in attendance must remain masked at all times in CMEA indoor functions unless actively eating, drinking, or playing a wind instrument. The mask must cover the wearer’s mouth and nose. Masks with valves, scarves, Gaiter masks, and bandanas are not acceptable forms of masking. Participants are responsible for bringing their own masks (bring more than one!). Wind musicians may only remove their mask when they are actively playing. Percussionists, string musicians, singers, and conductors will wear a mask throughout their performance and the event.

All CMEA spectators, participants, volunteers, and anyone else in attendance are reminded that if they have any symptoms or are not feeling well, they are asked not to attend the conference.  Additionally, if you have been around someone with COVID, have tested positive, or have symptoms you are reminded to follow CDC guidelines for isolation.  If you develop symptoms or become ill during the conference you are not to attend any conference related events.

All registrants and conference participants, including exhibitors, student performers, and audience members, will be required to read and agree to the 2022 CMEA Attendee Liability Waiver. Participants for the 2022 conference will not be admitted to the conference without a signed waiver form, either through the goggle waiver link or through a signed form. Conference participants and exhibitors will be asked to use this link to complete and submit the waiver in a google form. All student performers,  Tri-M Students, spectators, and chaperones will be asked to submit a hard copy of the  CMEA Attendee Liability Waiver through your director.  The director will then exchange this waiver for a performance ticket, a wrist band, or a name badge depending upon you level of participation in the conference. 

The Broadmoor Hotel, the official hotel of the CMEA Conference, will follow local requirements concerning mask mandates. Currently, hotel staff has the option not to wear a mask if they are fully vaccinated. However, CMEA has requested that all Broadmoor Staff located in conference designated areas be masked at all times. CMEA attendees are likely to encounter hotel staff and other hotel that are not part of the CMEA Conference who are un-masked. 

CMEA has gone to great length with the hotel to ensure that all performance areas have 25’ of space between the stage and the first row of chairs.  Performances with larger groups that will attract a larger audience have been scheduled into large meeting spaces at the hotel allowing for extra room between attendees. For groups performing in the Main Ball Room, because of the lower ceiling height, and the small footprint capacity in this room, performances will be limited to the first 120 spectators.  Conference attendees with badges will be limited to 75 and you must sign-up to schedule this session through the Emamo schedule.  All attendees will be reminded to social distance and to keep an empty chair between each other.  The Broadmoor HVAC systems in all conference areas are set to the highest air rate exchange possible.  All participants in conference clinic sessions will be encouraged to social distance as much as possible in meeting rooms. 

When registering for the conference the CMEA Board Policy on refunds for conference registrations was displayed.  Unfortunately, at this time there is no refund for the cancellation of conference registration. When CMEA made the commitment in June 2021 to move forward with planning an in-person conference we had to sign contracts with vendors for the conference.  CMEA is liable for all payments on these contracts unless there is a Federal, State or County Health Order that restricts large group gatherings.  At this time no orders of this nature are in effect.