2022 Colorado Music Educators Association Conference 2022 Colorado Music Educators Association Conference

Friday, January 28, 2022

The Band Director’s Bag of Tricks: How to Make Your Clarinet Section Sound Bigger and Better
Sheridan Monroe Loyd
Sheridan Monroe Loyd
Montrose High School, Director of Bands

This session will introduce practical and efficient approaches to help your clarinet players sound better immediately, regardless of age or skill level. You will gain the tools to provide incoming band students with a successful instrument tryout experience on the clarinet, and the knowledge to set them up for success in their early years of clarinet playing. I will also discuss what judges look and listen for in honor band auditions and demonstrate methods to help students get over the break, have greater overall technical facility, and develop good tone in the altissimo register.

Andrew Holcombe, session presider

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