2022 Colorado Music Educators Association Conference 2022 Colorado Music Educators Association Conference

Creating Your Flute Intonation Prescription

Broadmoor Hall C

Megan Lanz
Colorado State University, Continuing Faculty

Hailed by the Santa Barbara News Press as a "dazzlingly brilliant" and "breathtaking" flutist with "tremendous skill," Megan Lanz (DMA) enjoys a fulfilling and multi-faceted career as a pedagogue, international solo performer, orchestral musician, and pit orchestra musician. She has performed with a great variety of ensembles and productions, including the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (under Andrew Litton and Peter Oundjian), Colorado Music Festival Orchestra, Crested Butte Festival Orchestra, Las Vegas Philharmonic, the first national tour of Wicked, Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular, and Disney’s The Lion King. Megan is a Certified Meditation Instructor, with a specialization in Vipassana (insight & mindfulness), and uses her knowledge in mindfulness to seamlessly integrate self-awareness and flute performance. She helps individuals gain insight into their stress and anxiety triggers and guides them toward solutions to refocus and become more present and productive musicians.

This session explores the concepts of how embouchure compression, air volume, mouth/throat shape, and rolling affect intonation on the flute. Once educators know the four main influences of flute intonation, they can more readily empower their flutists with the tools to adjust their intonation based on each student’s individual tendencies. At the conclusion of this session, attendees will come away with the skills to create a "prescription" for each flute student's intonation while maintaining tonal integrity.

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