2022 Colorado Music Educators Association Conference 2022 Colorado Music Educators Association Conference

Live Audio 101 for Vocal and Instrumental Music

Broadmoor Hall D/E

Ryan Unangst
Romeo Music, Technology Specialist

Hey All!

I'm excited to be your Colorado rep for Romeo Music! With 5 years experience teaching in K-12 classrooms, I'm happy to offer my knowledge and expertise in Music and Performing Arts technology to assist you, your classroom, and your program.

Be sure to check out my session, "Streaming your Concerts and Programs," and Email me at [email protected] with any questions or needs you may have!


Whether mic'ing a single voice, giving that jazz soloist the extra little push, or amplifying a Marching Band, knowing the ins and outs of your sound system will save you time, and result in a better experience for everyone. In this session, we'll dive into the basics of running sound so your next program can really pop! This crash course will cover how to identify your equipment and get it physically set up, how to choose microphones and gear for your application, and how to achieve a nice, natural sound through sound check.

Looking to dive deeper into the content of the session? Check out these supporting materials: