2022 Colorado Music Educators Association Conference 2022 Colorado Music Educators Association Conference

Making Impact With the Power of Music

Broadmoor Hall B

Clark Hodge
Chase the Music, Executive Director

At age nine, Clark Hodge began his instrumental performance career as the lead in the Christmas performance of “The Little Drummer Boy”. The initial boost of star status wasn’t enough. The educational system drug him along for seven more years as a percussionist, and at some point he realized he didn’t have the passion for performance. He still loved music. For twenty years, he kept musically engaged by producing house concerts with over 500 guests and a dozen bands in a day.

He proudly holds two world records, (and a failed attempt on a third). Most of his professional life was spent communicating as a corporate technology evangelist.

Six years ago Clark moved into the non-profit arena where he focuses on work with real meaning. He founded and is executive director of Chase the Music - an incredible organization with a unique mission. He plans to live out his life as an impresario, creating unique musical experiences for children battling critical conditions. The little drummer boy has moved onto using the power of music to provide Hope, Strength, Love and Joy to the children he serves. Incidentally, the musicians, performers, singers, dancers, audiences and listener/viewers are impacted too. Clark encourages everyone to Chase the Music!

What if you could give a child battling a critical condition the gift of Hope, Strength, Love and Joy? A gift delivered through the power of music.

Chase the Music makes these gifts possible. Together with composers and performers we make a positive impact with the power of music.

You can be part of creating and delivering these gifts. Chase the Music, an organization focused on giving children battling critical conditions: Hope, Strength, Love, and Joy through the power of music can help you bring original music to a child in need.

Founder, and impresario Clark Hodge talks about the process and impact of having pieces composed and performed for children battling critical conditions. Not only is the impact on the afflicted child, but on the composer, performers and audience. An entertaining presentation on creating and performing original music with a greater purpose.

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