2022 Colorado Music Educators Association Conference 2022 Colorado Music Educators Association Conference

Research Session 2 - Graduate Student Research

El Pomar Room

Maddy Cort
Colorado State University, Graduate Music Education Student

Madeleine Cort is a graduate music education student at Colorado State University. She serves as a teaching assistant for several undergraduate music education courses, instructs the Woodwind Techniques course, and is currently the Associate Director of the Middle School Outreach Ensemble program at CSU. Madeleine has received several awards for her teaching and scholarship including the College of Liberal Arts Highest Achievement in Scholarship & Research Award for her presentation at the CSU Graduate Student Showcase and the CSU College of Liberal Arts Award for Excellence in Teaching. In addition to her music education studies, Madeleine is a member of the graduate conducting studio at CSU and is currently studying with Dr. Rebecca Phillips. She holds a bachelor’s degree in music education from the University of Colorado Boulder. Prior to her graduate studies, Madeleine served as the instrumental music teacher at Clear Creek Middle/High School in Evergreen, CO.

Garrett Graves
University of Colorado - Boulder
Kyle Liss
Frederick High School and the University of Colorado - Boulder, Director of Orchestras

Kyle H. J. Liss is a Denver-area music educator, pianist, and producer originally from Chicago, IL. He holds a BA in Piano Performance (Jazz Studies Emphasis) from the Chicago College of Performing Arts, and a Master's of Music Education from the University of Colorado Boulder. He currently serves as the Director of Orchestras at Frederick High School in the St. Vrain Valley School District, where he also teaches piano and music technology, and leads the Pit Orchestra. In addition, Kyle is a member of the SVVSD Music Leadership Team, and leads the Curriculum Team for Frederick High School Advisory (a school-wide course that helps students with their post-secondary planning and social-emotional learning).

Christy Go
Aurora Public Schools and the University of Colorado - Boulder, Music Specialist

Christy Go is a music specialist with the Aurora Public Schools and has taught general music, theatre, orchestra, modern band and music production at Clyde Miller P-8 for the last 6 years. She earned her Bachelor of Music Education at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin and Master of Music Education with emphasis in Ethnomusicology from the University of Colorado Boulder. Christy has taught in a variety of different settings including secondary music in Bognor Regis, UK and English language in Yamagata, Japan. Beyond the classroom, Christy is currently pursuing equity work in the school and district and runs a Japanese Language and Culture Club after school. 

Research Session 2: Graduate Student Research

Presider: Dr. James Austin, CMEA Research Chair


Maddy Cort (Colorado State University) – “An Investigation of Emerging Music Courses in Colorado Secondary Schools”

Garrett Graves (University of Colorado Boulder) – “How Pre-College Music Mentors Influence Preservice Teacher Identity: A Pilot Study”

Kyle Liss (Frederick High School and the University of Colorado Boulder) – “Teaching for Intonation Accuracy: Techniques and Scaffolding in SVVSD Secondary Orchestra Directors”

Christy Go (Aurora Public Schools and the University of Colorado Boulder) – “Getting Beyond the ‘Pink’ and ‘Blue’: Support for Transgender Students in the K-12 Music Classroom”

Note: The final 15 minutes of this session will be devoted to a discussion of alternative research session formats (paper, paper with discussant, roundtable, poster) to be considered for the 2023 CMEA Clinic Conference. Attendees also may respond to a brief, anonymous questionnaire.