Friday, May 13, 2022

Panel 1: What is New in Thoracic Anesthesia?

Moderator: Archer Martin, MD

An Update on Lung Transplant Guidelines
Presenter: Daniela Pasero, MD

The Perioperative Management of the Post COVID Patient
Presenter: Fabio Guarracino, MD

Airway Compression in Mediastinal Masses
Presenter: Philip Hartigan, MD

Question and Answer 

Session 1: Intraoperative Imaging

Moderator: Amanda Kleiman, MD

Transesophageal and Transthoracic Echocardiography
Presenter: Emily Teeter, MD, FASE

Lung Ultrasound
Presenter: Hyun Joo Ahn, MD, PhD

Question & Answer

Panel 2: Thinking Outside the Lung

Moderator: Randal Blank, MD, PhD

Protective Lung Ventilation and Cardiac Function
Presenter: Marcelo Gama de Abreu, MD

Postoperative Acute Renal Failure
Presenter: Wanda Popescu, MD, FASE

Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation
Presenter: Alessia Pedoto, MD, FASA

Question and Answer

Session 2: Potpourri

Moderator: Massimiliano Meineri, MD, FASE

Interventional Pulmonology
Presenter: Diana Anca, MD

The Effect of Intraoperative Anesthetic Management on the Esophageal Anastomosis
Presenter: Peter Slinger, MD

Question and Answer 

Pro/Con: Do We Need Opioids for Thoracic Surgery

Moderator: Peter Slinger, MD

Pro: Do We Need Opioids for Thoracic Surgery
Presenter: Rebecca Klinger, MD

Con: Do We Need Opioids for Thoracic Surgery
Presenter: Laszlo Szegedi, MD

Question and Answer


Saturday, May 14, 2022

Problem Based Learning Discussion (1-6)

PBLD #1: Lung Transplantation Management
Moderators: Martin Archer, MD and Brandi Bottiger, MD

PBLD #2: ECMO in Thoracic Surgery
Moderators: Nazish Hashmi, MD and Ingrid Duarte, MD

PBLD #3: How to Design and Implement a Thoracic ERAS Program at Your Hospital
Moderators: Alessia Pedoto, MD, FASA and Amanda Kleiman, MD

PBLD #4: Patient on LVAD for Thoracic Surgery
Moderators: Wanda Popescu, MD, FASE and Diana Anca, MD

PBLD #5: Airway Crisis in the Thoracic Surgical Patient
Moderators: Philip Hartigan, MD and Stephen Collins, MD

PBLD #6: Oxygenation in One-Lung Ventilation
Moderators: Ryan Lesh, MD and John McNeil, MD