39th Annual CEO Global Conference & Pitch Competition Finals 39th Annual CEO Global Conference & Pitch Competition Finals

39th Annual Global Conference & Pitch Competition 2022


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Chicago, IL
Sheraton Grand Riverwalk

Join thousands of Collegiate Entrepreneurs on Friday, October 28 - Sunday, October 30, 2022 for our 39th annual Global Conference & Pitch Competition. During your weekend, CEO members, partners, investors and business mentors will assemble, in-person, to "Frame your Future." 

Participate in a: $20,000 pitch competition, a $10,000 Venture Valley E-Sports Tournament, and a Startup Wars entrepreneurship simulation challenge. Additionally, hear from 65 entrepreneurs that will teach you business advancing topics, 10 main stage founders that represent a major entrepreneurial brand, network with your peers and business investors and apply for Chapter and Leader Awards and participate in Leadership Development sessions

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Conference Key Elements:


If you are a college student, with the next BIG idea, or a business in operation you qualify to compete in the largest and longest running business pitch competition, offering $20,000 in new venture funding! 

Deadline to Apply: Monday, Sept. 12, 2022

Where to Apply: www.c-e-o.org/globalpitch  

Attention Faculty Advisors: If you host a pitch competition on your campus the spring or fall semester immediately preceding the competition - your campus may qualify for automatic entrance, more details can be found here: www.c-e-o.org/automaticsub


Learn from experts in their field! Approximately 65 outstanding entrepreneurs and business leaders will be present at the Global Conference to help to infuse entrepreneurship into the fabric of universities globally by sharing their ideas and expertise with our high energy audience of aspiring collegiate entrepreneurs.

Scroll to the schedule to view the confirmed Concurrent Subject Matter Expert Sessions. 


Launch a new venture in a real-world simulation while challenging your peers. An entrepreneurship simulation is an interactive learning experience. In entrepreneurship simulations, students face technical issues, make creative and lasting decisions, and uncover information as they naturally progress through their company’s journey. Challenge your entrepreneurial knowledge at the Startup Wars and/or Marketplace Simulations Entrepreneurship Challenge. 

To create a team for the Marketplace Simulation Challenge and compete for a chance to win $1,000 visit: www.c-e-o.org/marketplacesim 

If you're a Faculty Member looking to create a custom simulation for your classroom, be sure to sign-up for the Startup Wars Tournament, here. Take advantage of year long curriculum resources customized to your classroom needs and AOL requirements. 


You're self-built. Self-made. You're ready to own the competition in games and real life. Play the business Venture Valley for a chance to win a piece of the $10K prize pool! Venture Valley is a multiplayer business-building game where you pit your strategy and savvy against friends and competitors. Earn money and reinvest in your hustle by upgrading your HQ to show everyone who really runs the Valley.

The E-Sports Tournament will run throughout the duration of the conference and no prior-registration is required. Be sure to checkout the Tournament Terms and Conditions here


We welcome you into The Scavenged Universe. Join your peers and play The Fixer - an alternative reality game (ARG) in which you engage in a compelling mystery as you apply an entrepreneurial mindset to "save our future." An Alternative Reality Game asks players to pretend they live in a carefully constructed parallel universe that can include USBs, burner phones, and tangible hidden objects found throughout the conference hotel. 

Compete for a chance to win $500.00!  Individuals and teams are encouraged to register by October 24. 

Attention Faculty Advisors: By hosting Playable Fiction (2022-2023), CEO Chapters will receive $500.00 for supporting an entrepreneurship-enhancing project, more details can be found here


Join Future Founders for a special CEO pop-up of their innovative  Startup Bootcamp, an idea-stage accelerator that will cover topics ranging from customer discovery to pitching. The Startup Bootcamp combines hands-on learning with topical lectures that will help you focus on taking action with your idea immediately. CEO participants can expect to leave the Bootcamp more prepared to bring their idea into the market with increased confidence around pitching their company.

More details can be found here

TlGcUFipoXrlYwEEv5DZfKj2gTKazjah2Hy0yVCc.pngThe Chapter Awards Program is a great way for CEO Chapters and Individuals to apply and gain recognition for their accomplishments in entrepreneurship. CEO strongly encourages all of its chapters to apply and participate.The Awards program recognizes individuals by promoting: 

Deadline to Apply: October 12, 2022

Apply today: www.c-e-o.org/awardsubmission 


Join us on Friday, for pre-conference Chapter Leadership Development networking as we address burning topics and step by step exercises to run a successful chapter! These sessions focus on student leaders sharing best practices, with a goal to engage and develop young leaders to build successful entrepreneurial initiatives on their campus.

Topics Include:

All are welcome to attend and participate, if you would like to join the presenting council of leaders, you must apply below. 

Deadline to Apply: October 12, 2022

Apply today: www.c-e-o.org/chapterdevelopform 


A bridge to the business world, here you can search for jobs, internships, and meet with some of the nation's top entrepreneurial companies! The exhibit hall also features CEO partners and resource providers, be prepared to share your business card!


Running along with our conference is SEA's return to in-person-programming! SEA is a program geared towards helping emerging visual, performing, literary, and media artists gain the resources and connections they need to be a successful creative. There are a variety of activities including keynote presentations, artist-led sessions, one-on-one mentoring, round table discussions, networking events, as well as creative releases such as a gallery reception, create room, and pitch competition. To view the schedule and participate in SEA sessions checkout the scheduled here


USASBE is excited to announce their first hybrid topical symposium on Creative and Cultural Industries! 

This peer-reviewed symposium is designed for faculty to come together around a range of topics related to Creative and Cultural Industries. It is hosted by USASBE and presented in collaboration with two incredible student entrepreneurship organizations: Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization's annual conference (CEO) and the Self Employment in the Arts Conference (SEA). 

Find out more information here!

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Additional Conference Details

Conference Attendance Funding: Chapter Presidents/Faculty Advisors should consider submitting a conference attendance funding request to their University, Student Government or the Dean of the College of Business - a letter template can be found here: www.c-e-o.org/globalfunding

Scholarship Details: BIPOC Scholarship - Powered by Verizon, apply now!  

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Saturday, October 29, 2022