8th Annual Control Systems Cybersecurity Europe Cyber Senate 8th Annual Control Systems Cybersecurity Europe Cyber Senate

Industrial Cybersecurity – Separating Fact from Fiction


Michael Firstenberg
Waterfall Security Solutions Ltd, Director, Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions Ltd

Mike Firstenberg is the Director of Industrial Security for Waterfall Security. Mike brings almost two decades of experience in Control System Security, specializing in Control System Cyber Security. With a proven track record as a hands-on engineer - researching, designing, and implementing strategic security solutions, Mike has an established background working with governmental institutions, regulatory authorities, and industrial utilities. The former chair of the American Water SCADA Council, Mike studied Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, and Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania, and has served as a speaker and panelist at numerous conferences and events.

All around the world, in every critical infrastructure sector, security teams responsible for industrial operations are re-evaluating their security programs as targeted ransomware, supply chain breaches and cloud connectivity all emerged as top-of-mind concerns. However, when these teams look for resources, advice on many facets of cyber security programs is often confusing and even contradictory. There exists a significant challenge in today’s environment where opinions based on narrow experiences are oftentimes presented as fact. It becomes a high hurdle to separate the facts from the fictions.


This talk will highlight some of the greatest arenas of discussion that have emerged in the field of Industrial Cybersecurity over the past two plus decades including:

  • IT/OT Convergence – There is only T

  • The perimeter is dead

  • Encryption will protect us

  • It isn’t “if”, it’s “when” you’ll be hacked

  • CIA vs AIC

  • Regulations are necessary to drive security

We will also explore some of the classic blunders in security strategies that we must learn from, in order to avoid repeating our history.

Finally, we will reserve some time for direct Q&A, ensuring that attention is given to the latest developments and audience concerns.