8th Annual Control Systems Cybersecurity Europe Cyber Senate 8th Annual Control Systems Cybersecurity Europe Cyber Senate

Mastermind Panel: Advancing the State of Cybersec Readiness in the Physical World


Sash Rigby
Modux, Technical Director

Sash is an experienced technical security specialist working across application security & critical infrastructure. He has devoted much of his career to utilising offensive techniques to compromise organisations through red teaming & real-world cyber-attack scenarios across sectors including CNI, telecoms & finance. As Technical Director of Modux, Sash leads the organisation to deliver best-in-class security consultancy into UK industry & Government organisations.

Geir Arild Engh-Hellesvik
VY Group, Chief Information Security Officer

Geir is an experienced leader with more than 15 years in different security roles. He combines a firm grasp of security issues with a strong business understanding after working in several different businesses and broad experience as a consultant. He holds an executive MBA in strategic management from the Norwegian School of Economics, and an engineering degree in computer science.


In his present position he is working with business and IT leaders to implement measures that facilitate fast digital innovation cycles and enables transformation initiatives. Geir believes good security is good business and that it contributes positively to value creation.


Geir is a frequent speaker and panellist on cyber security topics


Ilan Barda
Radiflow, CEO

Ilan Barda, founder of Radiflow is a Security and Telecom executive with 20 years of experience in the industry.

Mr. Barda’s last position was the CEO of Seabridge, a Siemens subsidiary, with world-wide responsibility for the Siemens/Nokia-Siemens Carrier-Switches portfolio.

Ilan has deep experience in developing secure communication equipment from his service in the Information Security division of the IDF.

Ilan has a B.A. in Computer Science and an Executive MBA from the Kellogg-Recanati program.

Philip Tonkin
National Grid, Global Head of Cyber Operational Technology

Philip has worked in the energy business for over 20 years, working in a wide range of disciplines.  From field engineering to senior leadership positions, he has always been passionate about solving the challenges of digitising the energy supply industry.   Using an understanding of the systems used by the industry along with experience in making decisions as an asset manager, he has led a number of key projects to move forward the understanding of cyber threat.

Now as the OT leader within National Grid’s security team his focus is securing the operational technology that underpins the operation of National Grid’s transatlantic businesses, from Gas Transmission to Electricity Generation.

  • Making progress: Information and Intelligence, how do we determine what is actionable and what is noise?
  • How are we operationalising intelligence? How are we developing processes to act upon intelligence? What structures are in place to support action?
  • Do we have appropriate access to intelligence and or the information our systems are generating?
  • How can we act upon intelligence appropriately- What do we do? Instead of being reactive, we need to slow down and develop processes, what are the availability of threat services?
  • We are an industry not an island:

    How can we develop trusted sources? Are we aware of the progress and value of tehcnologoy allicance partnerships? Understanding these partnerships help shorten the window of risk.

  • Developing quality actionable plans.