8th Annual Control Systems Cybersecurity Europe Cyber Senate 8th Annual Control Systems Cybersecurity Europe Cyber Senate


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

“Accelerating Change in UK Security”
Cevn Vibert
Cevn Vibert
Ofgem, Senior Cyber Assurance Manager

"The times they are a changing"

The presentation focuses on many of the key issues in organisations trying to improve security and resilience, and views of some rapid change initiatives in mission critical industries across the UK.



  • The market sector? - applies to all industries.
  • UK and overseas - Legislation?: UK leading some, US leading others, Germany, others?, etc.. Actions?: UK and US leading.
  • Problem statements - Usual OT cyber excuses. no drive from above. No news at home. no link of impacts to business. No clarity on threats, likelihood, motivations, ....
  • History - lots of conference bleating and complaining from myself and my betters.
  • Recent initiatives - legislation - cross over impacts from IT to OT - world media
  • Actions - linking legislation to actions - e.g NIS inspections, CEO talks, Gov papers, NCSC, forums
  • Findings - feedback from inspections, increase in open discussions, participations, workshops
  • Outcomes - accelerated change both in preparedness, governance restructures, engagement across internal divides, increased collaboration,
  • The future view - lights-on, heating-on, resilience, preparedness, culture of security and resilience like there is in H&S.