The Opportunity Project Summit: Open Innovation for All The Opportunity Project Summit: Open Innovation for All

The Opportunity Project Summit: Open Innovation for All

A Virtual Event

Hosted by Census Open Innovation Labs at the U.S. Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau and partners are thrilled to invite you to The Opportunity Project Summit, a second annual virtual innovation conference showcasing technology built with open data, and creating space for conversations on government innovation, effective collaboration, the power of open data, and including all voices. 

Open innovation is for everyone, so we invite leaders and learners representing all backgrounds and expertise to join us for three days of interactive, inclusive and enlightening sessions.

Much of the Summit will showcase the work of hundreds of participants in this year’s The Opportunity Project (TOP) sprints. TOP is a leading federal innovation model that brings cross-sector partners together to solve problems for people nationwide, using federal open data. 

This year, 7 federal agencies (the U.S. Census Bureau, HHS, NOAA, MBDA, Treasury, CFPB, and HUD) and 2 cities (New York and Coral Gables, FL) led TOP sprints focused on the World Post-COVID-19. We’ll feature the resulting new products and announce more than $300,000 in awards to the winners of the Open Data for Good Grand Challenge. 

We hope you’ll join us virtually for as many of the sessions as you can, and share your ideas with the community.


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Monday, December 13, 2021

Lightning Talks The World Post-COVID-19
Technology Lightning Talks: Data Tools Helping to Illuminate New Economic Patterns
Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Deputy Chief of Staff
Trevor Nederlof
Trevor Nederlof CARTO, Solutions Engineer
Meghan Kluth
Meghan Kluth University of Kansas, Research Project Coordinator, Center for Public Partnerships and Research
Sara Gardner
Sara Gardner University of Kansas, Assistant Director, Center for Public Partnerships & Research
Joshua Curry
Joshua Curry Morehouse College, Computer Science Student
Pamela Cohen
Pamela Cohen WerkLabs/The Mom Project, Chief Research & Analytics Officer
David Helene
David Helene Edquity, Founder
Steven Zapart
Steven Zapart National Fair Housing, DevOps Engineer/DevOps Team Lead
Sweta Hagar
Sweta Hagar Google, Federal Account Executive
Raj Kadiyala
Raj Kadiyala Amazon Web Services, Senior AI/ML Specialist
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith Precisely, Federal Account Executive
Dominica Zhu
Dominica Zhu Census Open Innovation Labs, Head of Human Centered Innovation
Brandon Reyes
Brandon Reyes City of Laredo, Texas, Data Officer
Lightning Talks Panel 2020 Census Data
Student Lightning Talks: Leveraging Technology & Design to Address Critical Challenges
Ross Dakin
Ross Dakin New Jersey Office of Innovation
Jamie Magruder
Jamie Magruder General Assembly, Student
Jonah Conlin
Jonah Conlin Carnegie Mellon University, Masters Student, Design & Applied Arts
Darren Butler
Darren Butler Philander Smith College, Computer Science Student
Jennifer Chua
Jennifer Chua Suffolk University, Masters Student, Marketing
Anna Valuev
Anna Valuev Census Open Innovation Labs, Acting Deputy Director, The Opportunity Project
Joe Fernandez
Joe Fernandez General Assembly, Student
Ilena Peng
Ilena Peng Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, Student
Filip Wodnicki
Filip Wodnicki Harvard University, Student
Co-Creating Meaningful Partnerships with Minority-Serving Institutions
Susan Anwar
Susan Anwar Philander Smith College, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Richard Smith
Richard Smith HBCU Alumni Associations Foundation, Vice President, Strategic Development
Ben Melano
Ben Melano Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities, Acting Senior Executive Director of Federal Relations and HNIP
Quincy Kissiedu-Brown
Quincy Kissiedu-Brown White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Senior Policy Advisor
Rachel Roundtree
Rachel Roundtree Elizabeth City State University, Student
TED-Style Talks 2020 Census Data
TED-Style Talks: Data Art and Non-traditional Tech Education
Shahier Rahman
Shahier Rahman General Assembly, Senior Partnership Specialist
Jaime Mears
Jaime Mears Innovation Specialist, Library of Congress
A Data- and Human-Centered Conversation on Addressing Homelessness
Elizabeth Softky
Elizabeth Softky Social Science Researcher
William Snow U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Senior Program Specialist
Kevin Adler
Kevin Adler Miracle Messages, Founder & CEO
Affinity Networking Happy Hour
Victoria Fine
Victoria Fine Census Open Innovation Labs, Lead Program Strategist

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Day 2: Opening Keynote - U.S. Chief Data Scientist Denice Ross
Denice Ross
Denice Ross White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, U.S. Chief Data Scientist
Lightning Talks The World Post-COVID-19
"Equidad e inclusividad": Technology to Support Language Access and Minority Inclusion
Lorena Molina-Irizarry
Lorena Molina-Irizarry Director of Operations, Census Open Innovation Labs
Meaghan Kennedy
Meaghan Kennedy Orange Sparkle Ball, Inc., Founder
Charles Weems
Charles Weems Weems Design Studio, CEO
Vicente Pimienta
Vicente Pimienta Digisults, CEO
Isabelle Swiderski
Isabelle Swiderski Paticipant AI, Co-Founder
Igor Afanasyev
Igor Afanasyev Smartcat, Senior Product Manager
John Paul Farmer
John Paul Farmer City of New York, Chief Technology Officer
Miguel Estién
Miguel Estién Minority Business Development Agency, Acting National Director and National Deputy Director
TED-Style Talks
TED-Style Talks: Technology and Justice, the New Economy and the American Dream
Sandeep Puri
Sandeep Puri Brooklyn Law School Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy, Clinician
Elizabeth Garlow
Elizabeth Garlow New America, Director, New Practice Lab
Cassandra Robertson
Cassandra Robertson New America, Senior Policy and Research Manager, New Practice Lab
Fireside Chat
What Is Data Equity? A Plain-language Discussion
Natalie Evans Harris
Natalie Evans Harris U.S. Department of Commerce, Senior Advisor for Delivery (Tech & Data), Secretary of Commerce
Interactive Workshop: Innovating Talent Pipelines
Jennifer Anastasoff
Jennifer Anastasoff Tech Talent Project, Founder & Executive Director
Alejandro Roark
Alejandro Roark Hispanic Technology & Telecommunications Partnership, Executive Director
Rachel Dodell
Rachel Dodell Coding it Forward, Executive Director
Awards Ceremony
Open Data for Good Grand Challenge Awards Ceremony: Part 1 of 2
Sarah Nicoll
Sarah Nicoll CivStart, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Gene Sperling
Gene Sperling The White House, Senior Advisor to the President

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Lightning Talks The World Post-COVID-19
Let’s Get “Climate Smart”: How Tech Can Boost Community Resilience to Climate Change
James Fox
James Fox FernLeaf Interactive, Senior Resilience Associate
Garry Harris
Garry Harris Center for Sustainable Communities, Managing Director
Carol Davis
Carol Davis Town of Blacksburg, VA, Sustainability Manager
Susanna Pho
Susanna Pho Forerunner, Co-Founder
Brandon Gumm
Brandon Gumm mySidewalk, Director of Solutions Development
Jerry Johnston
Jerry Johnston Deloitte, Managing Director
Dan Pisut
Dan Pisut Esri, Environmental Content Lead, ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World Environment
Panel 2020 Census Data The World Post-COVID-19
The Ins & Outs of a TOP Sprint: A Conversation with 2021 Sprint Leaders
Ann Epstein
Ann Epstein Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Assistant Director of Innovation
Justin Marsico
Justin Marsico Bureau of Fiscal Service, U.S. Department of Treasury, Chief Data Officer / Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Sara Brenner
Sara Brenner U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Associate Director for Medical Affairs
Drew Zachary
Drew Zachary Census Open Innovation Labs, Managing Director
Government Tech Funding 101
Meagan Metzger
Meagan Metzger DCode, Founder
Jimmy Colraine
Jimmy Colraine Partner, AFVentures, AFWERX
Interactive Workshop: Learn to Pitch Your Innovation Idea
Will Cahoe
Will Cahoe 10x, Project Coordinator & the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR)
Awards Ceremony Keynote
Open Data for Good Grand Challenge Awards Ceremony: Part 2 of 2, Closing Remarks, & Acknowledgements
Ron Jarmin
Ron Jarmin U.S. Census Bureau, Acting Director
Diego Perez
Diego Perez Orange Sparkle Ball, Innovation Strategy Consultant & Industrial Designer

Accessibility: Captioning (CART or Communication Access Real-Time Translation) will be provided for ALL sessions held via zoom or live streamed via YouTube. Sign language interpreting services will be made available as requested for individual sessions. If you would like to request ASL interpreting services or have questions concerning accommodations, please email us at [email protected]