ABLE Assembly: Arts Better the Lives of Everyone 2021 | Theme: Intersectionality, Disability, and Arts Education ABLE Assembly: Arts Better the Lives of Everyone 2021 | Theme: Intersectionality, Disability, and Arts Education

Pre-recorded 20 Minute Session: At the Intersection of Culturally Responsive Teaching and Universal Design


Celia Watson
Boston Ballet, Community Education Coordinator

Celia Watson is an arts educator and administrator committed to accessibility in arts education and community engagement. Celia is dedicated to the implementation of arts and education programs both in and outside the classroom, and specializes in the fields of theatre, movement, and storytelling. She believes that the arts teach skills that are vital throughout life, and that arts education extends to people of all ages and communities who may not typically have access to the arts. Celia has worked with young people, elders, survivors of intimate partner violence, and students with disabilities. She is excited to continue pursing education and community work to make the arts part of everyday life.

Alicia Greene
Boston Ballet, Assistant Program Director

Alicia Greene is an accomplished educator, performing artist and museum professional. She is a noted speaker and facilitator on issues of diversity, equity, accesibility, and inclusion; as well as a committed advocate for social justice. She has rained at Kansas State University, Brown University, and Harvard Graduate School of Education's Project Zero. Greene has worked with non-profit organizations for over 20 years in community engagement, community advocacy, performing arts and education. She is also a Member of NECAP (New England Consortium of Artist-Educator Professionals) as well as a former professional football player. Before returning to Boston Ballet 2020, Greene was a teaching artist for 10 years for Boston Ballet School's Education and Community Initiative programs. She has also facilitated a "Culturally Responsive Teaching" professional development series for Boston Ballet School staff.

Using the framework of Boston Ballet’s Adaptive Dance Program and Education and Community Initiatives, we will explore how the practices of Culturally Responsive Teaching and Universal Design intersect to create an inclusive dance experience. We will examine the definition of culture, and how each of us can examine our own cultural lens and build awareness of broader social contexts. We will then connect these strategies to universal design, and explore through program design and instruction how to provide multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement to all abilities and cultures.

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