ABLE Assembly: Arts Better the Lives of Everyone 2021 | Theme: Intersectionality, Disability, and Arts Education ABLE Assembly: Arts Better the Lives of Everyone 2021 | Theme: Intersectionality, Disability, and Arts Education

Pre-recorded 20 Minute Session: Teaching is Activism! Implementing the Arts as Catalyst to Accessing a Deeper Understanding of Equity and Our Universal Interconnectedness

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Adam Goldberg
NYC Schools PS-177, Music Teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator

Adam Goldberg is the instrumental music director at PS 177Q, a school for special needs students in Queens, New York. His work has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning. His students have performed at prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall, the US Dept. of Education, NY’s United Federation of Teachers annual spring conference and several education conferences, including the Arts for All Abilities annual conference. Mr. Goldberg is an Apple Distinguished Educator and has been internationally recognized for his work with special needs students in the music classroom, especially through the use of technologies such as the iPad and its growing array of peripheral music making devices.

Please allow me to share my journey through a year of uncertainty and how the ever-present power of music led my students and I to revelation and celebration!

The upheavals of this year created opportunities for my students and I to find deeper meaning. Teaching homeroom remotely, I found ways to connect my lessons with common themes through music; addressing today’s most critical social issues in accessible and relatable ways.

Using musical and video examples in class, the Arts, Science, ELA, History and Social/Emotional Learning unified to bring a deeper understanding of the devastating human actions causing climate change disasters. A culminating video will be shown illustrating how music served as the catalyst to student learning.

Our clss is now exploring the Monarch butterfly and its deep connections to Mexican Culture, History, Science, and climate change. More music will be introduced as well. Further projects related to the recent and ongoing protests for social justice will also be implemented.

 This school year, through its many trials, has brought so much opportunity for personal learning and growth. What’s around the corner? I don’t know! But I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share my learning with you!

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