How can heterogeneity be countered with the help of digital media?


Beate Hennenberg
University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Assistant Professor, Department of Music Pedagogical Research

Dr. Beate Hennenberg is an assistant professor at the Department for Music Pedagogical Research, Music Didactics and Elementary Music Making at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Development of the work area inclusive music education. Teacher and researcher in inclusive music-making projects. Head for the Senate working group Barrier-free_mdw. Focus of work in the areas of inclusive music education, inclusive music didactics and diversity in educational processes.

This article introduces the inclusive music-making band All Stars inclusive, which has been working in online format since the lockdown in 2020.
The distance teaching, which was converted to home teaching, resulted in various settings that had to be adapted in accordance with the current regulations for the ensemble, which normally consists of 30 musicians.
Due to the maximum number of persons, four parallel groups were formed instead of one, for which a more differentiated, more playful and online communicative didactics had to be developed.

Measures for the realiztion of equal opportunities were a concern as well as inclusive and diversity-sensitive teaching content.
The band work at the institute gives students the opportunity to gain musical and social experience in an instrumental pedagogical context in courses. Musicians with various disabilities are invited to make music with students.

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