Inclusive Bands: Creating Music Together


Shirley Winner
IMAGINE, Founder & CEO

Social entrepreneur, education enthusiast and music lover, Shirley Winner is the founder & CEO of IMAGINE - an innovative Edtech aiming to revolutionize music education and to better lives through music. IMAGINE develops inventive pedagogies in music education for various populations, celebrating diversity through unique teaching methods and cutting edge music technologies. IMAGINE was chosen as an advisor to the UN on music & special needs, won international education awards on its pedagogies and works in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and leading academia worldwide.

IMAGINE believes that true social change and diversity tolerance grows out of common experiences.

This concept inspired us to establish and operate inclusive bands with musicians with and without special needs. These bands offer participants musical knowledge of classical music instruments alongside technological, opportunity to create and compose musical works, empowering experiences, development of personal skills, teamwork and life skills.

IMAGINE uses a unique pedagogy developed for these bands using innovative teaching methods and incorporates psychological and educational approaches that focus on inclusion and accessibility. Our bands focus on the ability and strengths of each participant and create empowering experience to all participants. This project is working yearly with over 1000 participants nationwide in both schools and afternoon programs. This pedagogy works with full collaboration with the ministry of education and has won 2 international education awards.

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