AfricaNXT 2022 AfricaNXT 2022

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Ibrahim Makanjuola
Ibrahim Makanjuola
Getittome africa concept Ltd, Tour operator
Jumoke Munu
Jumoke Munu
The Smiley’s Place Travels, Experience Curator & Founder

Through the years, travel within Africa has evolved from the years that only the expatriates and travelers from other continents were the ones who explored the gem. Travels in Africa by Africans is on the rise, more Africans living in Africa and Africans in diaspora are beginning to explore the motherland and we are telling our stories like no one else would have. Despite this fast growing trend, a lot of Africans are still apprehensive of exploring their own land based on what the media says.

What are we doing to change the narrative and ensure positive and in-depth stories about different destinations for explorers/travelers to consume?

Notwithstanding the exploitations and terrorism from our stories (past), How can we make Tourism the strongest pull to Africa today (present) to guarantee a boost in the National Income of African States (Future)

We will be discussing these points and more with the panelists, who are Africans living in Africa and have traveled Africa efficiently.

                         This session is hosted by The Smiley’s Place Travels