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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Adaora Mbelu
Adaora Mbelu
Lumination Global Network, Co-founder
Karishma Daryani-Chugani
Karishma Daryani-Chugani
Lumination Global Network / AIS Lagos, Cofounder / Director Communications

Society is continuously evolving at an exponential rate. Gen-Z (youth aged 9-24 years) face a lot of pressure that many parents didn't experience growing up. Some of these pressures stem from self-esteem issues, academic or professional career-path stress, bullying, depression, cyber addiction, and anxiety over friendships and relationships. As algorithms increasingly choose what we watch, listen to, or whose opinion we hear on social media and other digital platforms, the fundamental questions of ‘Who am I?’ ‘What do I want to do?’ ‘What do I stand for?’ ‘How can I contribute to something bigger than myself?’ are increasingly challenging to define. Parents of teens are often focused on kids’ academics, and general welfare while overlooking their health, social and emotional learning, creative endeavours, and transition to work. What used to work on the path towards ‘success,’ often gets imposed on our youth, without truly understanding the information, innovation, and pathways to the possibility that exist ahead of them.

Our Gen-Z kids on this continent are brilliant and motivated. When our youth have ideas and are ready to work for change, how do we build their mindset, resilience, self-esteem, and habits to carry them forward? How do we empower them to speak their truth, share their voice, and contribute meaningfully to this ever-changing world? We've seen where traditional paths of success and the pressure to achieve have taken over and have left many youths more lost, dazed, and confused, than ever. If we provide them 'with the best,' that can potentially lead to entitlement, inertia, and an overall lack of direction. This podcast episode will talk about how we can support Gen-Z to build the life skills necessary to deliberately decide the impact they want to make on the world around them and to lead with courage and empathy. We will first define the challenges facing our youth and future leaders today, and then talk about nurturing self-awareness, world-awareness, and purpose-driven action - as parents, teachers, bosses, coaches, mentors, peers, and leaders.

Lumination-Z is a purpose-centric thought leadership content platform and community for adolescents on the African continent aged 13 to 19 years. We are committed to building a generation of purpose-driven leaders that will be equipped with the mindset, skill-sets, and emotional intelligence to make sure the continent of Africa prospers. Our content and experiences include social media platforms, podcasts, workshops, events, immersive experiences, and resources targeted to Gen-Z. We are building a nation of bright lights and we’re starting early!

                           This session is hosted by Lumination Global Network