AfricaNXT 2022 AfricaNXT 2022

Friday, March 4, 2022

Emmanuel Emordi
Emmanuel Emordi, Chief Marketing Officer
Owo Anietie
Owo Anietie
Afrodroids, Founder

It's the age of the craftsman, the maker, the innovator. In most recent years, creative economy players have significantly participated in and influenced the world economy. They have given rise to the new world of business which has impacted nations and the world at large. The impact of the creative economy has changed the world of work, the dynamics of professions and the number of income streams available to the average working-class individual. While this has prospered creatives from most parts of the world, a majority of Africa's creative industry players appear to benefit the least when compared to their counterparts in other parts of the world. Why is this the case? How can you (the creative reading this) experience overall improvement and growth in your craft?

In this session, we look to highlight key challenges peculiar to creatives within the African creative ecosystem and will also share specific approaches to circumventing them. We'll also share best practices and innovative frameworks employed by creative industry participants in other parts of the world which has enabled them to attract resources, navigate tough business challenges and scale their craft exponentially by selling to a global audience successfully.

[1] Share new approaches and work with attendees to develop an action plan to secure and retain their next 1,000 users.
[2] Participants will leave the session empowered and eager to deploy learned systems for better business results.

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