AfricaNXT 2022 AfricaNXT 2022

Monday, February 28, 2022

Welime Anwuri
Welime Anwuri
A&E Law Partnership, Associate
Damola Oyebo
Damola Oyebo
A&E Law Partnership, Legal Tech Lawyer, Associate

In our experience as IP Lawyers and digital policy experts in the African Creative economy, there is a low awareness and understanding of the often complex issues surrounding Copyright. Awareness of the opportunities for innovation in the management and monetization of copyright across the industry is low, evidenced by the decentralized system currently in place which often shortchanges some classes of stakeholders and creates room for abuse, miscommunication and avoidable disputes.

In this masterclass, we will be looking at copyright in the African creative economy through the intersecting lenses of Law, Business and Innovation. We wish to:
1. Examine the fundamentals of copyright law in selected African countries and identify the varying levels of legal protection available to different forms of creative output, from music to artworks, short films, literature, and even NFTs;
2. Analyze limitations to copyright and discuss their importance to collaboration, education and accessibility;
3. Distill root causes of typical problems along copyright value chains and consider potential solutions being tested around the world;
4. Question copyright policy from the African perspective as it guides content regulation by law makers and social media platforms and assess the net benefits of common approaches for both creators personally and the creative economy in general.

Our choice of topic for our proposed masterclass is based on our experiential knowledge in both the regulatory and business space in Nigeria which affirms that copyright education offers a steady and sure means of building understanding and respect for creators’ rights. AfricaNXT promises the largest gathering of innovators from Africa and the diaspora and by engaging participants in a Three Pronged analysis of the creative economy - Policy, Business & Law - we intend to start a multifaceted conversation that leads to more diverse groups of stakeholders engaging with copyright on different levels.

In the long term, this will support the emergence of a more developed creative economy in Africa where there is widespread knowledge of copyright, more deliberate and proactive IP Protection and greater innovation in copyright management. This in turn, has the potential to positively impact economic development through value creation and maximization.

                                This session is hosted by A&E Law Partnership