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Studio Suite 2nd Floor, Innovation Pavilion

Ikanna Okim
Teennation INC, Advisory Board Member
Gideon Edem
Paul Usoro & Co, Graduate Trainee
Emediong Akpabio
FII Geneva, Africa Regional Coordinator
Vanessa Kelechi
Chartered arbitrator and frontend developer
David Etido
Lawyer/Good Governance Advocate

Youth in Africa are isolated and underrepresented in governance across the continent. This is often the case in most parts of the world, but the ratio of under-representation of youth in Africa is alarmingly high. They are left out from key decision making processes. In many cases, the younger generation is more knowledgeable, equipped, and prepared to address the fast-moving issues of today than the establishment leadership.

With 60 percent of its 1.25 billion people under the age of 25 years old, Africa has the youngest population in the world. But this young majority is not being represented in government. This fundamental disconnect between policymakers and youth amplifies problems and causes African society in general to digress and feel dated.

The cries for change from Africa’s youth have mostly been ignored. Policymakers pay lip service to the issue, but rarely do anything to correct it. There is no awareness of youth inclusion in the electoral or administrative process. Sadly, this leaves us with old leadership and institutions that are unable to take any meaningful action to address the issues most relevant to young people. If instead governments focused on inclusion, the youth could have tremendous potential to positively effect change and economic growth.

This session focuses on; Senior leadership, the aspirations of the youth,  cultural invasion and, imperialist influence.

Youth are the most important human capital of any economy. Not only are they agile, adaptable, and receptive, but the modern youth also understand employment in the millennial age. They are tuned in to opportunities of the gig economy, constantly aware of and ready to seize upon the newest and latest trends.

                                  This session is hosted by Teennation

Attendees (46)

Adebayo Ishola
Adebayo Ishola
OnlineHubNG, Creative Director
Benazir Hilali
Benazir Hilali
Axle International, Co-founder, CEO
David Eyo
David Eyo
Free lancer, Actor / Mister Tourism world NIGERIA/ Influencer
James Iroro
James Iroro
Michael Mohammed
Nscdc, Civil servant
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