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Joana Chemel
PICHA, Lead, Content & Partnerships

“I found mosquitoes in the Netherlands but apparently, they don't give malaria! Ha”!

This is the power of a narrative. Its ability to shape the way you think, perceive, reason, react or engage in spaces or with people, ideas, just to mention a few. Herein also lies the power of the media- the media holds the narrative, transports and delivers it in a way that directly influences the consequences of that narrative.

The African narrative has suffered two major blunders;
[1] Parts of it have been hidden; never saw the generational light of day, intentionally buried or completely forgotten.
[2] The parts that were told were for the longest time, told in a one-dimensional way by strangers.

For this masterclass, we consider two case studies;
[1] Visual Activist Campaign (A live digital archive of personal stories told by the living African for the African of the future)
[2] Breaking Barriers (The narratives of Accessibility and Inclusion in Africa)

Aim of Masterclass
[1] Reshape how we think about narrative ownership
[2] Take a critical look at how visual content enforces narratives and how African visual content can undo the harm caused by one-dimensional narratives told of us.
[3] How the media can facilitate the African Dream.
[4] Where do we go from here? Recreating the African Narrative for the African Dream.

                                                 This session is hosted by PICHA 

Attendees (44)

Deborah Idowu
Deborah Idowu
Nil, Student
Catherine Egboh
Cath3neproperties, Realtor
Teinye Boyle
Teinye Boyle
#AllOfUs Africa, Founder
Akindeji Aromaye
Akindeji Aromaye
EiE Nigeria
Khaulat Abdulhakeem
Khaulat Abdulhakeem
DiverseK, Founder
Catherine Sutherland
Catherine Sutherland
Envision, Founder
Ukemeabasi Esiet
Ukemeabasi Esiet
Action Health Inc, New Media Officer
Mercy MrcyU
Mercy MrcyU
Musicvation, Musical Artist
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