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NXT Workshop Creators Hub

Olalekan Akinyele
7even Interactive / Xaine Ingenius, Creative Director / Design & Innovations Director

Many young African creatives, craftsmen, designers, makers, and entrepreneurs often make products by Africanising existing foreign ideas which are executed without a thorough design process and a blueprint. This makes it difficult to create disruptive innovations to develop Africa and improve the quality of lives within it at scale.

This masterclass will offer insights, as well as practical and applicable steps on how design principles and thorough design thinking processes can be applied to ideas. We'll explore strategies and methodologies to help bring out the best of creativity, ingenuity, and disruption; creating better opportunities and fostering economic growth.

I will explore the role of design, design thinking, and technology in the execution of powerful ideas that have shaped the world and also developed most countries that young Africans are migrating to.
I will be sharing some case studies, local and global best practices that will empower attendees and provide a roadmap for how they can channel their creativity, using design to solve problems within Africa, make living out of it, and develop Africa ultimately.

                                      This session is hosted by Xaine Ingenius 

Attendees (34)

Praise Innocent
Praise Innocent [email protected]
Student Personal Development Hub, Founder/Director
Olayide Babayemi
Olayide Babayemi
The Word of Mouth Co., Writer
Breakthrough Chikere
Breakthrough Chikere
Clozetsales, Founder
Gemma is Isegen
Gemma is Isegen
LTEWG Podcast, writer
Dami Solesi
Dami Solesi
Smids Animation studios, CEO
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