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Atim Ukoh
Afrolems, Founder

Atim is one of Nigeria’s most celebrated food content creators, featured on CNN, Forbes and other international media. She is a business strategist experienced in developing and developed markets.

Ozununye Ajuru
HSE Gourmet, Executive Director/ Chief Operating Officer
Tunde Kara
Vendease Africa, CEO/Co-Founder

Tunde grew up on a farm and has significant experience building brands and leveraging technology to provide meaningful solutions for businesses across Africa. Formerly of Ringier AG, a Swiss-led media group, where he served as Country Head, Growth (Sales &

Digital Strategy) for Nigeria, Kara went on to a CEO position at Red Media Africa before co-founding Vendease. He has worked with and ran projects for global brands present in the African market - Samsung, Coca-Cola, Google & General Electric. His current focus is Africa's foodservice businesses.

Uka Eje
ThriveAgric Limited, Co-founder & CEO

Uka is an ambitious visionary and social advocate, Uka began his entrepreneurial journey in 2017 when he set up ThriveAgric, an agricultural technology startup, focused on capturing value for smallholder farmers across Africa by solving three major problems: access to finance, access to data driven advisory, and access to premium markets. Under Uka’s leadership, Thrive Agric has provided solutions to over 200,000 farmers; with over 160,000 hectares cultivated, and 400,000+ tonnes of grains produced and traded, in just four years of operations.

Nyifamu Manzo
Farmatrix, Founder

Nyifamu Manzo is the owner of Famzfarms, a poultry farm that grows their birds naturally with herbs and species without boosters and anti-biotic. She is also the founder of Farmatrix, a Nigerian based agricultural company that has been featured on Euronews. and as a company solving local problems in an innovative way. It was selected in the recently concluded Startup Nigeria competition as one of the top 30 innovative startups in Nigeria which has so far engaged more than 500 smallholder farmers on sustainable agricultural practices

Africa generates 100 million metric tonnes of food yearly, equivalent to $4bn, which could feed 44 million people (Gabon, Botswana, Gambia, Namibia, Eritrea, Mauritania, Congo, Liberia and Gambia combined). 30-40% of this yield never makes it to the consumer due to post-harvest food loss/waste during the procurement, transportation and distribution process.

Our panel will offer insights on how and why the agritech sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Africa, agriculture's contributions to socio-economic growth and most importantly emerging trends in Africa's food industry. We’ll be placing a spotlight on Africa food tech, highlighting challenges and budding solutions based on the experience of our panellists who are food entrepreneurs in Africa.

Our session will also share best practices on how Agri/food business owners can scale their businesses, secure investors, collaborate with stakeholders across the value chain and identify unexplored opportunities in the food-tech sector.

                                 This session is hosted by Vend Easy Limited 

Attendees (26)

Mimi Edokpolo
Unilever, Brand Manager
Deepti Moorjani
Deepti Moorjani
LE Retail, Account Manager
Odafe Uboh
Odafe Uboh
ODAFE.OA, Content Creator
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