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FutureNow Stage Innovation Pavilion

Iyanuoluwa Bolarinwa
BudgIT Foundation, Senior Program Officer
Oluseun Onigbinde
BudgIT Foundation, Director
Oluwatosin Alagbe
PTCIJ, Program Director

The closing of safe spaces and Democracy has been the latest  trend across the continent and what we have seen so far is that people, activists and civil society leaders do not have the safe space of asking questions or engaging tyrannical government or regime as they will like to be called. We have seen that there will be no economic stability in a country which does not allow for institutions to run without the influence of the executive. We have also seen the clamp down on the internet, social media networks and the continuous jailing of activists who speak up in different African countries or who demand for transparency and accountability.  We understand that to build better citizenry, the need to continuously engage in civic education and inspire the office of the Citizen- which is the greatest office in the land- to hold the government to account and remind elected representatives that they hold the position in trust and not perpetuity.

This session will highlight the challenges across board, look at the solutions of the past and where they have failed and see how new thoughts can help scale through the cancer which is eating deep into the fabric of our Democracy.  

                                   This session is hosted by BudgIT Foundation

Attendees (18)

Oluwatosin Ayinde
Oluwatosin Ayinde
Oxfam International, Nigeria Office, Project Evaluator
Benazir Hilali
Benazir Hilali
Axle International, Co-founder, CEO
Folakemi Odesola
Folakemi Odesola
The Vision Execution Club, Founder
Phillips Oluwasegun
Phillips Oluwasegun
Enough is Enough Nigeria, IT Lead/Creative Associate
Michael Mohammed
Nscdc, Civil servant
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