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NXT://TECH Stage Innovation Pavilion

Chiedozie Igweonu
Podtopia, Co-Founder
Teni Apata
Ifeyinwa Ejindu
Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited, Communications Manager

In today’s hyperconnected world, Collaboration is the bedrock upon which great achievements are built. To unlock the gains stashed in the future for Africa, we must be deliberate in building collaboration pipelines across various verticals where we desire prosperity.

The rise of new tools and technologies has broken down barriers and turned the world into a truly global village. This year Ckay's 'Love Nwantiti' hit 15 billion streams on TikTok. Wizkid & Tems “Essence’ keeps blowing up global music charts. Burna boy won the Grammy. Nigerian Tech startups have raised billions of dollars in collaboration with both local and foreign VCs.  These events underscore the importance of technology as a tool for collaboration and a compass to economic prosperity for Africa.

This session will:
[1] Highlight some of the ways brands are harnessing the power of Collaboration and Technology.  
[2] Expose the various ways Africans can use technology as a tool for economic prosperity.
[3] Dissect the correlation between Technology, Opportunities, Collaboration and Prosperity.
[4] Explore new opportunities for radical collaboration.
The global success of African Music, Movies and Technology brands was made possible through innovation and strategic collaboration. This presents a template upon which various other sectors can build for rapid prosperity.

As the world evolves, collaboration and partnership are key ingredients that can unlock prosperity for the African continent. This interactive panel will discuss and highlight the various ways through which we can use technology and collaboration to achieve these goals.

                                            This session is hosted by PODTOPIA 

Attendees (29)

Victor Onyekere
Victor Onyekere
Talemia, Co-founder+Head of Growth
Mimi Edokpolo
Unilever, Brand Manager
Odafe Uboh
Odafe Uboh
ODAFE.OA, Content Creator
Lola Ayedun
Lola Ayedun
Malokun Labs, Head of Technology
Caleb Bresh
Caleb Bresh
Co-Creation Hub, Communications Associate
Keji Adedeji
Keji Adedeji
Malokun Labs, Integrated Research Assistant/Community Manager
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