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Monday, February 28, 2022

August Udoh
August Udoh
Creative Lead
Onye Ubanatu
Onye Ubanatu
Content / Event Producer
Osaze Efe
Osaze Efe
Art for Humanity Foundation/Abuja Photo Festival, Executive Director

Inspired by the economic challenges faced by young creatives in their journey to make images that matter, this session aims to broaden their understanding of early on and share learnings and best practices from seasoned creatives. This session will also provide emerging photographers with methodologies to assist them in recognizing commercial opportunities and be equipped with the right business mindset to build a sustainable career as a visual creative.  

Attendee will leave with a better understanding of:

[1] How to find and connect their works with the right audience/market
[2] The business of art
[3] How to collaborate with other members of the audience to co-create for bigger opportunities

   This session is hosted by Art for Humanity Foundation/Abuja Photo Festival

Welime Anwuri
Welime Anwuri
A&E Law Partnership, Associate
Damola Oyebo
Damola Oyebo
A&E Law Partnership, Legal Tech Lawyer, Associate

In our experience as IP Lawyers and digital policy experts in the African Creative economy, there is a low awareness and understanding of the often complex issues surrounding Copyright. Awareness of the opportunities for innovation in the management and monetization of copyright across the industry is low, evidenced by the decentralized system currently in place which often shortchanges some classes of stakeholders and creates room for abuse, miscommunication and avoidable disputes.

In this masterclass, we will be looking at copyright in the African creative economy through the intersecting lenses of Law, Business and Innovation. We wish to:
1. Examine the fundamentals of copyright law in selected African countries and identify the varying levels of legal protection available to different forms of creative output, from music to artworks, short films, literature, and even NFTs;
2. Analyze limitations to copyright and discuss their importance to collaboration, education and accessibility;
3. Distill root causes of typical problems along copyright value chains and consider potential solutions being tested around the world;
4. Question copyright policy from the African perspective as it guides content regulation by law makers and social media platforms and assess the net benefits of common approaches for both creators personally and the creative economy in general.

Our choice of topic for our proposed masterclass is based on our experiential knowledge in both the regulatory and business space in Nigeria which affirms that copyright education offers a steady and sure means of building understanding and respect for creators’ rights. AfricaNXT promises the largest gathering of innovators from Africa and the diaspora and by engaging participants in a Three Pronged analysis of the creative economy - Policy, Business & Law - we intend to start a multifaceted conversation that leads to more diverse groups of stakeholders engaging with copyright on different levels.

In the long term, this will support the emergence of a more developed creative economy in Africa where there is widespread knowledge of copyright, more deliberate and proactive IP Protection and greater innovation in copyright management. This in turn, has the potential to positively impact economic development through value creation and maximization.

                                This session is hosted by A&E Law Partnership

Joana Chemel
Joana Chemel
PICHA, Lead, Content & Partnerships

“I found mosquitoes in the Netherlands but apparently, they don't give malaria! Ha”!

This is the power of a narrative. Its ability to shape the way you think, perceive, reason, react or engage in spaces or with people, ideas, just to mention a few. Herein also lies the power of the media- the media holds the narrative, transports and delivers it in a way that directly influences the consequences of that narrative.

The African narrative has suffered two major blunders;
[1] Parts of it have been hidden; never saw the generational light of day, intentionally buried or completely forgotten.
[2] The parts that were told were for the longest time, told in a one-dimensional way by strangers.

For this masterclass, we consider two case studies;
[1] Visual Activist Campaign (A live digital archive of personal stories told by the living African for the African of the future)
[2] Breaking Barriers (The narratives of Accessibility and Inclusion in Africa)

Aim of Masterclass
[1] Reshape how we think about narrative ownership
[2] Take a critical look at how visual content enforces narratives and how African visual content can undo the harm caused by one-dimensional narratives told of us.
[3] How the media can facilitate the African Dream.
[4] Where do we go from here? Recreating the African Narrative for the African Dream.

                                                 This session is hosted by PICHA 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Olatunde Wealth
Olatunde Wealth
African Business and Exporters Network (ABEN), President

The current foreign exchange challenges in our nation have made the exportation of non-oil products become very imperative. The current situation also underscores the fact that there is no better time to do export business profitably than now. So it is wisdom for Nigerian businesses especially Importers and SMEs to diversify into the non-oil export business. The question then is, how do we join in this export mission project to rescue our country and at the same time earn some foreign exchange? That is what this session seeks to address.

At the end of this masterclass, all the attendees will be able to understand the export business challenges and how to overcome them, handle documentation without stress, they will be equipped with skills needed to effectively market and sell their products to buyers abroad, they will be empowered to anticipate the risks inherent is export business and design different strategies to mitigate them.

Other areas of discourse at the workshop will include strategies to develop a bankable business, forming essential relationships, sustainability opportunities for small businesses, good manufacturing practices – standards, quality, and packaging. How to tap into the opportunities the African Continental Free Trade Area (Afcfta) has to offer.

Folakemi Odesola
Folakemi Odesola
The Vision Execution Club, Architect / Founder
Oluwafemi Sotubo
Oluwafemi Sotubo
Architect / Designer

Often, Multipassionate African Creatives fail to cross the start line and birth the next best project that could change the continent for the better because they are scared of failure (or success), they have inadequate clarity of what to focus on or they have misaligned, undefined and ambiguous goals etched in too many passions, so they cannot put in the work necessary to reap the rewards that focused and disciplined visionaries and executors enjoy worldwide.

Being multi-passionate is a blessing when creatives understand what to do with their multiple skills, ideas and passions. Within Africa, there are more multi-passionate creatives than we realize. They are true unicorns of Africa who can
bring about speedy change with proper tasks, resources, time and self-management.

Multi-passionate creatives can learn systems that help them better manage their internal chaos and the things they are interested in so they can birth their dreams while maintaining focus and productivity.

If Multipassionate African Creatives can reimagine their approach to who they are and what powers they possess, find systems to explore their gifts and resources, leverage, collaborate [to lessen the personal burden] and create thriving communities around their passions. There's no telling what the next 10 years in Africa will be like.  Africa will be prosperous and the future will truly be Africa.

                        This session is hosted by Folakemi Odesola International

Omobolaji Ajibare
Omobolaji Ajibare
TheSocialmediaoga, Social Media manager coach
Oyinyechi Anozie
Oyinyechi Anozie
Digital creator and influencer

Creatives often fear collaboration, worried that their ideas will be stolen or worse someone will make money off their creation or invention. Although theft of ideas and intellectual property is a potential risk, the benefits of effective collaboration far outweigh the risks.

Collaboration is one of the ways by which you can grow your brand and business, while also making an impact on society and the nation at large.

In this masterclass facilitators will walk attendees though their collaboration process, providing insights on how creatives can execute successful collaborations that yield financial returns.

                            This session is hosted by TheSocialmediaoga

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Olufisayo Bakare
Olufisayo Bakare
The Yellow of Lagos, Creative Director

Building a creative business takes grit, consistency, and determination. The ‘African way’ of doing business is predominantly transactional in terms of physical goods and services, with little value or regard for intellectual property. While creativity thrives on the imagination, some find it hard to turn their vision into products or services.

As the world increasingly moves into digital spaces, aligning your creative brand’s proposition to the needs of a virtual market is an added advantage. This masterclass sheds light on how creatives can use technology to increase productivity, generating products and services from ideation, while scaling their business. We will discuss tried and tested ‘tools of the trade’ and best business practices that support your entrepreneurial instinct.

This masterclass is ideal for:
[1] Entry-level creative entrepreneurs
[2] Creative SMEs or business owners tech enthusiasts
[3] Creative business managers

                This session is hosted by The Yellow of Lagos

Chisom Okechukwu
Chisom Okechukwu
Check DC, Co-Founder/CEO

Decades ago, Thomas J. Watson Jr. grew IBM on the premise that “good design is good business.” Today, design fuels the most innovative and successful companies in the world.

The impact design has on the bottomline of a business can sometimes be an oversight. This session aims to dissect how design can be used to maximise a company's brand equity, drive innovation and return on investment.

Topics covered will include:
[1] What is design? Common misconceptions and stereotypes.
[2] How design affects how brands are experienced
[3] Calculating ROI on design

At the end of this session, participants should have an overview of design by the numbers, how design shapes our thinking regarding brands and products, and how to utilise design as a tool to generate revenue across different industries.

                                         This session is hosted by Check DC

Chine Ezekwesili
Chine Ezekwesili
Akanka, Co-Founder / Designer
Chuba Ezekwesili
Chuba Ezekwesili
Akanka / Future Africa, Designer, Data analyst, Co-founder

What does it look like for us to be less stressed? Less anxious or depressed? Less angry? What does it look like for us to communicate better? What does it look like for us to be at peace and for us to be happier? What does it look like for us to be more creative? What does it look like for our workplaces to have better culture where everyone can find their purpose?

The answer to all these questions lie in being intentional. We will be discussing how we can use the framework of intention to be more deliberate about how we make better decisions in our personal lives and work lives.

                                            This session is hosted by Akanka

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson
Zero Gravity Studios, Co-Founder, Creative Director
Dami Solesi
Dami Solesi
Smids Animation, Founder

Within the last couple of years a lot of attention has been on the continent of Africa from the global animation industry.

In 2018, a young Nigerian content creator won Cartoon Network’s Storylab competition with his story pitch - Garbage boy and Trashcan. Cartoon Network has since begun to develop the winning entry into what will become its first African superhero series.
Streaming giant; Netflix, announced its acquisition of its first African children's animation; Mama K's Team 4 in 2019.
The Annecy Animation Festival, the largest animation Festival in the world, decided to focus on the continent of Africa for its 2020 and 2021 editions while Disney announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Kugali a Pan-African entertainment company, to bring "Iwaju" a science fiction series to its Disney+ platform by 2022. They also announced an animated anthology series called Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire, with stories from several animation creators from across Africa (including Nigeria) presently in development and also set to premiere globally in 2022. To date, several African students have also received scholarships to study at one of the biggest animation institutions in the world; Gobelins l'ecole de l'image.

Needless to say, these are exciting times for African animation content creators and storytellers alike, as several opportunities for collaboration with some of the biggest studios in the world are now available. However, these opportunities do not seem immediately apparent to storytellers outside of certain circles as evidenced by the relatively low number of annual submissions to the competitions and platforms that present these opportunities.

We will discuss available opportunities and how storytellers and content creators can start to take advantage of them even if they have no prior animation experience. We will also look at how they can get their projects noticed by the right audiences with the aim of having more African stories told by Africans, for a global audience. This session will give practical insights and ideas on getting your work noticed internationally, from people who have created winning pitches while telling uniquely African stories.

                                 This session is hosted by Zero Gravity Studios 

Olalekan Akinyele
Olalekan Akinyele
7even Interactive / Xaine Ingenius, Creative Director / Design & Innovations Director

Many young African creatives, craftsmen, designers, makers, and entrepreneurs often make products by Africanising existing foreign ideas which are executed without a thorough design process and a blueprint. This makes it difficult to create disruptive innovations to develop Africa and improve the quality of lives within it at scale.

This masterclass will offer insights, as well as practical and applicable steps on how design principles and thorough design thinking processes can be applied to ideas. We'll explore strategies and methodologies to help bring out the best of creativity, ingenuity, and disruption; creating better opportunities and fostering economic growth.

I will explore the role of design, design thinking, and technology in the execution of powerful ideas that have shaped the world and also developed most countries that young Africans are migrating to.
I will be sharing some case studies, local and global best practices that will empower attendees and provide a roadmap for how they can channel their creativity, using design to solve problems within Africa, make living out of it, and develop Africa ultimately.

                                      This session is hosted by Xaine Ingenius 

Somtochukwu Onubogu
Somtochukwu Onubogu
Schucks Media, CEO/Creative Director

The global animation industry is a multi-million dollar industry and is fast growing. We are seeing an upsurge in the demand for true authentic African stories and this has created great opportunities for us to tell our own stories ourselves through the medium of animation. While Nigeria is the creative content hub for Africa, our animation industry is still at its infancy and we have few animators.

This training is part of an effort to increase the number of animators we have on the African continent. With this training, we will familiarize trainees with Adobe After Effects which is an industry-standard software that is used for animation. The trainees will be walked through how to create and animate a simple animated character. With this, I will show the trainees that animation can be fun and rewarding. Animation is a beautiful medium for telling stories and passing information. There are great opportunities for employment and creative expression that is yet to be tapped and that is why I would like as many as possible to Animate Now.

                                This session is hosted by Schucks Media 

Friday, March 4, 2022

Emmanuel Emordi
Emmanuel Emordi, Chief Marketing Officer
Owo Anietie
Owo Anietie
Afrodroids, Founder

It's the age of the craftsman, the maker, the innovator. In most recent years, creative economy players have significantly participated in and influenced the world economy. They have given rise to the new world of business which has impacted nations and the world at large. The impact of the creative economy has changed the world of work, the dynamics of professions and the number of income streams available to the average working-class individual. While this has prospered creatives from most parts of the world, a majority of Africa's creative industry players appear to benefit the least when compared to their counterparts in other parts of the world. Why is this the case? How can you (the creative reading this) experience overall improvement and growth in your craft?

In this session, we look to highlight key challenges peculiar to creatives within the African creative ecosystem and will also share specific approaches to circumventing them. We'll also share best practices and innovative frameworks employed by creative industry participants in other parts of the world which has enabled them to attract resources, navigate tough business challenges and scale their craft exponentially by selling to a global audience successfully.

[1] Share new approaches and work with attendees to develop an action plan to secure and retain their next 1,000 users.
[2] Participants will leave the session empowered and eager to deploy learned systems for better business results.

                         This is Session is Hosted by