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Modern security for Android Developers


Dinorah Tovar

Dinorah is Platform Mobile Engineer and Tech Advocate at Konfio, named the number one startup to work by LinkedIn in Mexico, In the past, she led the mobile engineering teams of Lonely Planet and the Boston Consulting Group. She’s also a speaker in many tech conferences for the community, like Women Who Code, Droidcon, and Kotlin Everywhere, Dinorah is passionate about developers, android, and diversity in tech.

In the ’90s the television was what the cellphone is today, everybody has one, the first time we hear about encryption we get all dizzy ’cause we think this is going to be really hard to handle but in reality, the things are completely different, multiple developers still think that Android Security is completely incomprehensible and do nothing about it.

In this talk, we will discuss Encryption, Biometric as a Local Authentication source, Native Code Modules, SSL, TLS, Secure Data layer, and the new changes for Android 11
What is padding in an Encryption Algorithm? what is KeyGenerator? where is the Keystore? what does it mean to have backend encryption?
In this talk, we will address all these questions and the inconvenience of not having any security in your app and how you can make it easy.
Taking a deep class inside the new Jetpack Security, Tink and Biometric how this comes to change the game inside modern security in Android development.

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