Tuesday, October 27, 2020

PRO WORKSHOP (MICROSERVICES): Streaming Microservices Architecture with Apache Kafka, Kubernetes and Istio Service Mesh
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Kai Waehner
Kai Waehner
Confluent, Technology Evangelist

Apache Kafka became the de facto standard for microservice architectures. It goes far beyond reliable and scalable high-volume messaging. In addition, you can leverage Kafka Connect for integration and the Kafka Streams API for building lightweight stream processing microservices in autonomous teams. However, microservices also introduce new challenges like observability of the whole ecosystem.

A Service Mesh technology like Istio (including Envoy) complements the architecture. It describes the network of microservices that make up such applications and the interactions between them. Its requirements can include discovery, load balancing, failure recovery, metrics, and monitoring. A service mesh also often has more complex operational requirements, like A/B testing, canary rollouts, rate limiting, access control, and end-to-end authentication.

This session explores the problems of distributed Microservices communication and how both Apache Kafka and Service Mesh solutions address it together on top of Kubernetes. I cover different approaches for combining both to build a reliable and scalable microservice architecture with decoupled and secure microservices.