Thursday, October 29, 2020

PRO SESSION (MICROSERVICES): Meshes Don't Have to Be Messy: Keeping It Simple With Traefik Mesh
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Kevin Crawley
Kevin Crawley
Traefik Labs, Developer Advocate

Service Mesh has evolved into a messy state of affairs. While almost every possible situation involving east-west and egress-bound traffic has a solution, these solutions often require significant oversight, planning, and capacity to implement. The downside is that solving all these problems resulted in the metaphorical equivalent of stuffing a pratfall of clowns into a Volkswagen.

Kevin will cover how the team at Traefik Labs created Traefik Mesh, a lightweight alternative to the traditional service mesh approach, by utilizing a service mesh proxy endpoint running on each node as a DaemonSet. He will discuss how this approach allowed for flexible opt-in behavior using the Service Mesh Interface (SMI) versus the more traditional sidecar approach. He will cover what the SMI is, and demonstrate how to utilize the interface with Traefik Mesh to handle access control and traffic splitting.