Tuesday, October 27, 2020

PRO WORKSHOP (API): How API Quality Gaps Lead to 95% of Breaches
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Patrick Poulin
Patrick Poulin
API Fortress, Co-Founder and CEO

Uptime has become an extinct metric.

With the average business transaction now requiring 30 or more API connections, testing and monitoring teams are challenged to rethink which data points should be collected to improve their analytics and debugging tools. Simply relying on ping, contract, and synthetic testing has proven to be highly unreliable.

A number of API testing teams have begun their journey to go beyond uptime by building sophisticated data-driven and end-to-end functional tests that can check on entire API consumer flows. Yet most monitoring teams do not continue checking on the entire API consumer flow, despite production environments typically containing complex systems and data sets that staging does not. This raises the question: How accurate is uptime if an API is not functioning correctly?

In my demo-focused session, I will introduce attendees to the concept of "Functional Uptime," and show how API monitoring teams can easily reuse data-driven and end-to-end functional tests as monitors in production. My demo will include how to solve the problem of testing with live data in production by turning databases into APIs.

Big Takeaway: API testing and monitoring teams must break out of their siloes - a simple way is to reuse tests created by testers with high domain knowledge as monitors in production environments.